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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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almost there...
australia, ocean
The flight to Heathrow was okay, albeit disappointing that Virgin has changed their entertainment system! No longer on-demand which is what was so great before, but now only scheduled programming, and of course the two shows I wanted to see were scheduled at the same time on different channels, and I had to watch 1.5 hrs of other stuff I didn't want to see to catch the one 30 minute show I wanted...where was TiVo when you need it? ;) I did see Peep Show, billed as a cross between The Young Ones and The Office, which was quite clever and funny, so watch for it if it makes it to BBC America. Maybe on the way back I can catch the other one ("Spaced" I think?) by the director of Shaun of the Dead...

Frustrating note is that mrmouse's two checked bags totaled over the weight limit for BMI so they charged him £50 extra...argh! At least we'll be there soon, and we won't be flying BMI any more after this one...so much for the £4 fare we found, at least for him. My bag was okay, thank goodness!

More later!

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Luggage trouble and Tivo addiction...

What a bummer about the luggage.. and it's not even a small charge.. it's significant! My theory is to pack light and buy stuff there! Well.. that is if shopping is in the itinerary. Isn't in amazing how attached to TIVO we have become? I really like mine! Have a wonderful trip!


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