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In London!

Long live wireless! ;)

Since it's been so long since we had internet access, now that we made it to London with wifi in our hotel (hooray!) I am backdating my posts that I wrote "live" as they were happening each day or so, so please read these in order for best effect. :)

Sept 5th, 2005
To Torridon...
driving on the WRONG side, Blair's Castle, Glen Torridon...

Sept 6th, 2005
Torridon - The Revenge of Beinn Alligin!
Climb a mountain? Two peaks over 3000ft? Sure, why not!...

Sept 7th, 2005
From Torridon to Kinlochleven via Inverness
Torridon, Inverness, Loch Ness & Kinlochleven...

Sept 8th, 2005
Ben Nevis: The Really Big Ben
We came, we saw, we climbed...and climbed...and climbed...

Sept 9th, 2005
Harry Potter Day
Fort William, Glenfinnan Viaduct, Glencoe...

Sept 10th, 2005
Goodbye Scotland, Hello England
Signal Rock, Glasgow, odd phonecall, Welcome to England, Uld Ale...

Sept 11th, 2005
The Lake District, aka Lakeland, aka Cumbria
9/11, sheep, Lakeland views, Uldale...

To get another perspective on our trip, you can also read Ben's blog...which has also now been copiously updated...he got to update first tonight since he's the one who brought the laptop... ;)

As for today, we left the Snooty Fox at a decent hour after being the only ones there for breakfast, then John the proprietor kidding me for taking video & stills saying "This'll be the most photographed pub around!" haha...little does he know! ;)

We got to Heathrow to turn in the car in plenty of time, got across the complex to the tube, got our one-way into Zone 1 tickets, transferred to the District Line for Bayswater station, then since there were no cabs, we hauled all our luggage ourselves about 5 blocks to the Holiday Villa Hotel. We unpacked a little, tested the wireless (hooray!) then off I led Ben to the Windsor Castle Pub where I had first been the last night of the choir tour last year. This was my first time eating food there, which was great and nice reasonable portions, and I did have two full pints of my beloved Addlestones cloudy cider...finally! ahh...

Britta with a beloved pint of Addlestones cider at the Windsor Castle! :-9

Guys & Dolls tomorrow night, after a day in London with Andy even joining us from Didcot, so hopefully it won't be so long between updates now! :)
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