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First Full Day in London

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day with scattered fluffy clouds, and we had talked with Andy that he was coming in from Didcot by train midday, so for the morning we wanted something to do close to our hotel that wouldn't take us very long so we could meet him back at the hotel which is near Paddington Station. So, we decided a stroll to Harrods through Kensington Park and Hyde Park should do nicely. We went via the Diana Memorial Fountain, which has a proper sign now, and paved borders, unlike when it first opened last summer.

Harrods is one of the oldest & most exclusive upscale department stores in the world, with jewelry & fashion sections I'd never bother to set foot in usually (there was a perfect color teal mermaid-style satin dress complete with fishtail train - for £1750!!! No, I didn't try it on!), but the Food Halls are the most amazing part, which I insisted Ben had to see at least once in his life. He took tons of photos, so I assume he was not disappointed! ;) We each bought a goody for dessert, I bought some tea, then after a hard time deciding since everything looked so delicious, we got deli sandwiches and ate them in Hyde Park on the banks of the Serpentine lake, meeting Andy at the hotel about 1:15pm.

We made potty stops in our hotel room, trying to cool off in the stuffy room while we chatted a bit & figured out what we should do for the afternoon. Since the day was so nice, we thought we'd have fantastic views from the London Eye, so we all decided that was the plan. We knew we were coming back to change before dinner then the show, so there wasn't too much time for many other things.

Britta on the London Eye with Big Ben in the distance

The London Eye had a line for tickets that wasn't too long, then about 5 minutes in line before getting on the Eye itself, so that wasn't bad at all. Copious photos and video were taken of course, since you can see far & wide, and how many times can you see Big Ben from above? Andy was a good sport with all the photos since he got roped into playing photog a few times, even getting in on the act with some cameraphone shots of his own. ;) We got back down, then walked across Westminster Bridge, with more nice views of Big Ben & Parliament, then a few more photos from the sunny side of Parliament before we got on the tube back to our hotel, then off for Guys & Dolls by way of Italian food at Ask for dinner.

Britta & Ben in front of Big Ben

Unfortunately, late Monday night I had the beginnings of a sore throat. I hoped it was just dehydration, but Tuesday I was a bit worse, even with a few snorts of Zicam during the day. Even though I stopped at a Boots for some Strepsils (that worked so well New Years Eve), my sinus was going strong and I needed my tissues throughout the entire show! Ah was still a great show! I've only seen Guys & Dolls live from my highschool production I was in, then I've seen the movie version with Frank Sinatra & Marlon Brando. The choreography on the Havana dance and Sit Down You're Rockin the Boat were fabulous! Even though I thought the mic on Ewan made him sound even more nasal than he normally sounds, he still did very well, even surprising me with a high note belt at the end of Luck Be A Lady, which was excellent. Of course Jane Krakowski was perfect as Adelaide, a part she was born to play. Definitely worth the money! Even Andy who has never seen a West End show before and is not a musical fan enjoyed it very much. Too bad there was no soundtrack album on sale or I would have bought one.

Andy, Britta & Ben after Guys & Dolls

I am SO glad I wore my strapless dress! It was so warm in the theatre and in the tube the way home, that sure didn't help matters fighting my cold, so I was completely wiped by the time we saw Andy off at Paddington Station and got back to the hotel. Ben was fighting a losing battle with the wifi, so I just gave up & went to sleep instead of waiting to post, hoping I'd kick my cold with a full night's sleep...did it work? Stay tuned...
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