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back home!

After a long but reasonably on-time flight, thankfully neither of us overweight on luggage, we made it back to SFO and through customs with no worries. Kylie the Kitty really loved all the attention from Ben & John (John graciously picked us up) as my pix were downloaded from the laptop to my computer. Unfortunately I was queasier than usual the entire flight, so I only picked at the first meal, then didn't even touch the next two snacks, and my stomach still hasn't recovered yet. That made me really not want to unpack or do laundry, or even tackling upgrading to iPhoto5 so I can actually see my pix. I'm sure after a good night's sleep in my own bed with my kitty I'll be fine, so that's the plan now.

All in all, a fabulous trip! Hope you enjoyed reading about it! Back to mundane reality now...darn! ;)

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