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finally, photos!

It took a whole week with working, rehearsals, two Choral Project concerts and trying to clean up for my parents to stop by, but I finally sorted through my ~1400 photos (how did I take that many?!?), uploaded them to Gallery and even captioned them all - hooray!

Enjoy at your own risk! ;) It'll take awhile to see them all, so the slideshow mode is your friend, but I have organized them into smaller & easier to digest albums, since I'm sure some people just want to peek at the two main hikes for Beinn Alligin in Torridon and the big Ben Nevis, so those are each their own albums.

mrmouse hasn't yet posted any of his, but this is the album that will house both our photos whenever he gets around to his... :)

I've also collected all my posts into a UK2005 LJ memories category for anyone who missed reading while we were away.

With that, I bid you all good night!
Tags: beinn alligin, ben nevis, big ben, london, scotland, uk

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