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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Oxford to Havant...
(I got 15 more minutes, so I'll see what I can do!)

We reached Oxford by 1:25, early for our 2pm walking tour, so Melanie & I ran off to try to find an internet cafe since Andy had mentioned a couple, but they were full with a line out the door. Melanie voted for internet rather than a tour, but since I'd been to Oxford many times but never with an actual tour, I tagged along...we sang a couple times in various college chapels, which was fun...Andy and Marcus said to call them when we were available and they'd meet us...since my tour got out late, I walked my fastest back to the Martyr's Memorial, and they were already there chatting with Melanie, Dan, Keith, and Sheila...that was a bit of a weird shock when I haven't seen Marcus since 1999! Yes, he's my ex-boyfriend for anyone who doesn't know...

Anyway, since Andy & Marcus don't actually go out in Oxford that much, we wandered looking for somewhere...we ended up at the Kings Arms for drinks first, a famous pub the students frequent after their exams, where Mel & I had cider while the boys had beer of course...Andy couldn't figure out his new digital camera even with help from Marcus and me, but then we eventually got some pix taken...since we had to be back at the bus at 7:30pm sharp, we needed to find somewhere for dinner...3rd time's the charm, since the first place had stopped serving before 5:55 (!), then no one really wanted anything at the Cock & Camel pub, so we ended up a Zizzi's for Italian since Marcus had eaten at a Zizzi's in London...great food, good merlot, but the dessert Melanie wanted took 15 minutes to prepare and it was already 7:10, so she & I split some chocolate mousse cake (sooo good!), then got back to the bus just in the nick of time...literally, since Nick and that crew was just reaching the bus from their dinner as well...haha...sorry bad pun... ;)

Marcus has Monday off and Andy thinks he can leave work early enough to get to Havant tonight for our concert at 7:30, so I sure hope they make it...I think they will be surprised and impressed since our rep is so varied...I just got my 5 minute warning here in the Portsmouth library, and the bus leaves to get back to Havant at 12:30 anyway, so I'll just say that Anna, Nick & I again chatted in the hotel bar in Havant last night until about 2am...seems to have become a tradition... ;)

Until next time!

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So? How was meeting the X? Sparks like the old dayz? He came to the performance, he must still like U?


I'm sure glad we got to read all these updates. We would never have been able to hear about all this in one weekend! What an adventure!
love, mom

Havant I seen you before

Hi, this is Andy..

Well, we weren't turned away at the door, so despite the fact that Marcus and I were late for the performance, we did get to enjoy most of the concert held in the church in Havant. I have to say, I was seriously impressed! Great teamwork from all the members of the choir and wonderful singing. Some of those pieces were very uplifting and soothing [and it takes quite a bit to calm me down :-) ] Really pleased we made the trip to see the concert.

Home tomorrow

It's been great following the tour on your blog, Britta, and contrasting it with the reports I get daily from Kevin. Can't wait till you're all home tomorrow and I can hear all about it in person! I'll see you at the airport! ~Nathania

Wow. Say "hi" to Marcus from Doug and me, ok?


P.S. Congratulations on winning 2nd. I don't think that's anything to sneeze at!

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