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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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australia, ocean
In a meeting this morning, I was tasked with making a reproduction Jump to Conclusions Mat from the movie Office Space...ironic that this is for my JOB...? haha...I think it's hilarious! When they wanted "pieces of flair" on Initech staff though, I had to stop & correct them that was at the restaurant, not Initech and that other geeks would definitely call them on that error! ;)

I have also asked to be first in line to use the bat on the old printer that will be there as another prop...heh! That is my favorite scene - chapter 19 on the Office Space DVD! ;)

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PC Load Letter?!? What the @$&! does that mean?

awww yeah....damn it feels good to be a gangsta...

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