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Bedtime Story of Three Bodices

Okay I have to share...while discussing possible Halloween costumes a friend said she had just purchased a nice black corset at Fredericks of Hollywood and there was a teal bodice I "should totally check out!" Since I had about 30 minutes to kill right in the area before rehearsal on Wednesday, I decided to be brave - I'd never even walked into a Fredericks before! I thought it was all crotchless panties, not cool corset stuff... ;)

So, yes, it was not only my favorite color, but it fit me perfectly, so I forked over the $60. It even comes with detachable garters and a matching G-string, so who knows maybe I could even use those someday? heh! Now the question is where can I wear this besides lunch last Friday? Perhaps the club party on the LA work boss's boss said sure wear it and she saw it in person...heehee!

Teal overload - teal satin bodice, teal watch, teal shoes, even teal purse on the floor! ;)

To top it off, Sales & Marketing hosted the Friday happy hour at work, and they chose Oktoberfest, not choosing the theme until Monday, so I pulled out my renfair chemises, my renfair bodice, and my Bellatrix bodice top to outfit Mylene & me as St Pauli Girls...heehee! We were quite the hit...

St Pauli Girls

Also, my bodice corset for Corpse Bride is nearing completion, so there's the bedtime story of 3 bodices for you!
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