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Halloween party prep progress

Sorry! I thought I was going to get a Halloween update posted last week, but things got busy, including some unexpected Potter stuff I hope will be public soon... :) So, aside from satisfying my corset fascination lately (heh!), here's what's been done since I last checked in!

  • finished frock coat for pirate costume except for buttons - can't leave that unfinished before putting it away or it'll never get done! ;)
  • epoxy-glued Victorian lamppost that was broken during the Hogwarts party
  • painted new fancy hinges black
  • painted back of archway reinforcement black
  • put up archway & extra wall in place in front of sliding glass door
  • new cauldron setup using iron garden tripod and new hanging cauldron (had to widen the holes with my dremel, but used leftover black chain from the original Hogwarts Celebration!)
  • replied to at least 40 emails requesting Halloween assistance! (gotta be a way to make that income-generating???) still behind about 50 more to reply!
  • 7 dozen pumpkin pasties unbaked in freezer
  • found periodic table, radioactive & bihoazard images for mad scientist display
  • ruffle sewn & attached plus hood hemmed for chanteuse77's costume
  • 4.5 dozen gravestone cookies baked (THANK YOU chanteuse77!!!) ready for me to decorate
  • 7 dozen witches finger cookies baked
  • door hung on arch now on hinges & glued door paneling yet again (sigh)
  • rearranged patio with food table & witch with cauldron, including washing tables & moving the kitchen shelf outside
  • think I have most of my reagents list settled for the "mix your own experiment" contest

    Corpse Bride costume work:
  • reversible tan cotton & white satin corset complete, using Home Depot heavy-duty plastic cable ties as boning! ;)
  • spray painted roses for costume, headband & bouquet
  • lace overlay complete & attached to corset, including velcro closure in front & blue lace trim - just needs the exposed ribs
  • hooks & eyes on skirt & corset to attach together
  • lace gloves sewn & painted
  • veil is cut & painted, still need headband decorated
  • paint skirt edges painted
  • bony arm painted first coat (needs daker shading)
  • blue yarn wig STILL in process - it's 2 rows away from being finished at least
  • veil headband can't be finished until I can put the finished wig on to get the headband the proper size to fit

    Here are some photos if you like:

    new fancy hinges for archway door

    new cauldron setup

    painted Corpse Bride skirt

    starting to paint the bony arm

    Corpse Bride's left bony arm

    painted Corpse Bride veil

    Now I'm rearranging the plan for the rest of this week, since the Oakland Tribune will be coming over Thursday evening for recipe "action photos" not only will I wait to do the merangue bones until then, but I'll be frantically cleaning up all the mess & decor to be presentable before then - ack! :D

    Until next time!
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