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Live from NANOG35

Greetings from NANOG everyone! I'm at the Hilton Universal City Los Angeles, stuck behind the NANOG registration desk, but there's free wireless when it's slow, so I've been catching up on work email, posting photos, now finally getting around to LJ...

After staying up until 3:30am Friday night working on my costume after ironing & packing (ugh! More on that later in a separate Halloween party progress post), I got up bright & early to leave for the airport. Funny thing was my co-workers had also been out late at dinner & drinking afterwards, so all of us were already exhausted BEFORE the big party Saturday night! ;)

Mood was a blast - a fab party, so fab that three shuttlebusses needed hosing out afterwards...ugh! Glad I didn't actually see any of that happening, or I didn't notice since I was well-pickled myself, but not to the point of being ill of course. Some people take too much advantage of an open bar, but I learned my lesson about that many years ago, even when the bartender was the hottest guy in the place in my opinion. ;) I taught him how to make the Equitinis I'd created, then I had him make me drink recommendations all night, which was fun, since he got fancy with layered drinks and everything. I did wear my new teal corset & got a lot of fun attention, including a now-infamous photo of my co-worker who agrees he will get in big trouble with his girlfriend if she ever sees it! haha...I even passed around a tray of Equitinis, my own creation, so that's the photo I'll post for you here...

Teal Britta with her tray of Equitinis

So, after we left the club around 2:30, Jay has the Presidential Suite at the penthouse level, including a baby grand piano, so there was an after-party up there...since there was still setting up to do that we Equinix people were all responsible for before 9am, we left around 4 or 4:30, then I got up at 7:30, with my contacts still in (ack!) to help them back downstairs. I wasn't hungover but I had the worst lack of sleep headache I've had in a long time, so I was suffering, but put on my best peppy smile anyway. :) They had the ballroom already finished when I got there, so I helped them set up the Office Space themed terminal room, with the red Swingline staplers, Initech sticky notes and mousepads plus the Jump to Conclusions mat on the floor and the large "Is it good for the COMPANY?" banner...heehee! Everyone is LOVING that room! We've been showing Office Space the Office UK series on a projector in the room, so it's a good place to hang out when not in the conference itself. Glad it's such a hit!

Registration started at 11:30, so I only had time for a 45-minute attempt at a nap before then, but I finally did get about an ok 2 hours before the Hard Rock Cafe party Sunday evening. That helped immensely thank goodness! We were over at the HRC by 6:15 getting everything ready. The 80s cover band was AWESOME, so we had to start the dancing for everyone else. Louie has the moves and loves to dance, and I always love any chance to dance I can get, so that was lots of fun. I ended up with a drumstick since the band was thanking us core dancers as we were all packing up to leave. The party was scheduled until 10:30, but by 9pm people were having so much fun, HRC said it was fine for us to extend to midnight, and people still didn't want to leave! Nice that everyone had such a great time, since that was the whole point! :)

Monday morning was EARLY since I had to be at registration by 7:45am and I am NOT a morning person even when I've had enough sleep. I made it on time, after sleeping about 2:30am, but at least it was more sleep than the rest of the weekend! I was able to get on my computer a bit yesterday but was doing mostly work email between helping with registration. Most people needed to recover from the parties, so it was a slower evening. I didn't need dinner after the appetizers at the Beer & Gear early-evening reception, so I hung out in the lobby with my laptop & free wireless, fighting with my work laptop trying to get my photos posted. I screamed several times "I wish I had my MAC!!!" haha...Jay wanted another party back in the Presidential Suite, so when they got back from dinner around 10:30ish, a bunch of us went up there, where chatted with people & I tinkled on the piano a bit, but the iPod-fueled 80s music was loud enough no one could hear me anyway. Did you know "How Soon is Now?" is in F-sharp minor? ;) Since I had to be up for 7:45am registration again, I forced myself away from the smaller party around 1:30 or so, getting to sleep by around worse than the night before at least! That catches us all the way up to now, since I've just been at registration all morning again, staying awake with the free snacks and running down my laptop battery...

Until next time!

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