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Britta on PotterCast!

(Happy Halloween everyone! I'm so behind & trying to catch up on everything...a big Halloween party post-mortem to post still that I've already written up as of 3am Sunday morning, but I decided I'd catch up chronologically first...)

Since I was gone last week & didn't get the chance to listen myself until today, I missed letting you all know I was part of the weekly PotterCast run by The Leaky Cauldron fansite for last week's episode! I was included in the ModCast as the resident expert on PotterParties, since not only might people want to do a Potter Party for Halloween but also the Goblet of Fire movie premiere is coming up soon as well.

PotterCast #10

Available on iTunes or from

The entire podcast is about an hour long, but I'm on the ModCast segment which begins about 24:30 in and is about 15 minutes long, in case you need to skip past the news recap & discussion (which you should listen to anyway since it's funny!)

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