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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Webmistress Britta in the newspaper!
Yet another catching up post that should have been last week...I was in a local newspaper article last week for my Halloween Recipes! :D

A reporter from the Oakland Tribune found my website while researching her spooky food article, so she emailed me the week before I left for LA. I did a phone interview with her, and she asked if a staff photographer could come to my house for "action shots" for some recipes. We settled on Thursday, 2 days before I left for my business trip, then since my house still looked like Halloween had exploded since decorating was still in process, I frantically had to make everything presentable! The photographer took a lot of really cool & artsy photos (I'm going to ask him if he can send me the rest!) but they only used two of them in the print article, and none of the photos of me are in the online version. I like the article though. My mom's favorite part was that the article is all me, then a couple Martha Stewart recipes are provided along with mine, but the end tagline is "For more Halloween recipes, visit www.britta.com" ...not pointing to Martha's site! haha... My favorite part is that they calculated the nutritional information for my Eerie Eyeballs! LOL!

The article came out on Wednesday, Oct 26th, so a co-worker grabbed various print copies for me since I was still in LA. Since InsideBayArea.com runs a network of local area papers, the story with my photos actually ran in the Oakland Tribune, the Tri-Valley Herald & the Daily Review! :D