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Oct 21st Halloween Party Prep Progress

(instead of backdating I'm just pretending... :)

In the week between my last Halloween party progress post and leaving for my LA business trip, this is what I got done...

  • configured & tested upload for inside webcam
  • answered more newspaper interview questions via email
  • re-recorded PotterParties podcast (previous attempt was foiled by recording technology!)
  • put all Halloween boxes back in garage
  • put lamps out in garage
  • put paper back in garage (decided not to do window silhouettes)
  • got extra skulls out from garage for decorating
  • (had Wednesday rehearsal plus getting my friend her car back)
  • mixed & prepped black royal icing for spiders
  • iced all gravestone cookies
  • more decorating & cleaning
  • Thurs 7-8pm photo shoot for the Oakland Tribune
  • 7 dozen merangue bones mixed, piped & baked
  • lettering on gravestone cookies
  • some icing spiders piped
  • laundry & packing for trip
  • selected songs for quiz "Name That Tune - Esoteric Pop Tunes"
  • caught up on about 20-25 more Halloween emails from strangers asking for help or advice
  • configured & tested upload for outside webcam
  • printed out final reagents sheet to hand-letter tags while waiting for the plane!
  • painted Corpse Bride exposed bone leg
  • painted darker shading on bony arm
  • painted exposed ribs
  • sent out party reminder email on the way to the airport!

    I got back from LA Thursday afternoon, said a quick hi to my kitty, threw my unpacked bag up into my bedroom, went out for groceries, then kept going on all the rest of the final party prep!
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