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Final Halloween 2005 Party Prep Progress!

Since I'm posting this after-the-fact anyway, I might as well post my final Halloween party to-do list. This was rearranged a bit from what was originally planned because chaos always happens at the last minute switching things around or postponing to the next day, but this way you brave souls who actually care to read can have a peek into the inner sanctum of Britta's party planning - heh! Also, remember that some of the list items take longer than others to actually complete so a short list doesn't necessarily mean less work was done! ;)

Thursday Oct 27th
3pm fly back from LA
buy last perishable groceries & more drinks
jello jar for gummy body parts - needs to soft set
make human heart jello mold
make eyeballs
make bleeding hands
make brain pate
finished piping icing spiders!!!
finished blue yarn wig
decorated veil & headband
handstitched ribs to bodice overlay
got to sleep at 5am - ugh!

Friday Oct 28th
run outside webcam cable from upstairs window, tape down
run outside webcam power cord
aim & test outside webcam
hang witch from ceiling on patio
clean up all floors enough to VACUUM!
put all clutter away - stash in garage
get out luminaria jars from garage
set up graveyard
test iPod connection to receiver
sync quiz playlist on iPod
sync HW party mix on iPod
print quiz sheet
print Spooky Scramble sheet
(Melanie cut up the quiz sheets for me - thanks!!!)

arrange tables (get out all serving dishes, etc)
candy corn only in skull bowl - set up candy (Melanie)
set out dried cranberry scabs (Melanie)
put Party Swirls in fridge to thaw in case they're needed
decorate human heart
decorate brain pate
decorate bleeding hands
decorate eyeballs

prep mad scientist display in dining area
make mad scientist chalkboard & hang on wall
hang periodic table charts on walls
hang lab coat on wall
shower & french braid hair wet w/ gel for under wig
got to sleep at 5am again - ugh!

Saturday Oct 29th
set up webcam broadcast to live (cp indexHW05h.html - index.html
test ftp upload from webcams
get dry ice & regular ice
bake & set up pumpkin pasties (Melanie)
make lemonade (1 gallon jug) - refrigerate (Melanie)
use small cookie cutters this year to cut up & set up cheese slices (Melanie)

clean bedroom!!! (sorta but was still a mess)
clean downstairs bathroom (Melanie)
clean mirrors (Melanie)

put all clutter away - stash in garage
bring in luminaria jars from garage
put up kitchen wall & tie back
pour potions into mad scientist display (Melanie)

hang ghosts in trees in backyard
hang skeletons in front & backyards
put up face in front tree
lumiaria jars in cat luminaria bags & in open (Melanie)
large web on graveyard fence (with Melanie)
use ivy to hide gas meters on path (with Melanie)

set out icing spiders on main food table outside
set up brie in pastry
set up crackers on main food table outside (Melanie)
set up cheese tray on main food table outside (Melanie)
set up blue chips & salsa in coffin on coffeetable inside (Melanie)
set up witches fingers on main food table outside
set up gravestone cookies on main food table outside
set up crab puffs on baking tray in freezer for later
cut & set up apple slices with caramel dip (Melanie)
set out cream cheese skulls & chili sauce on main food table outside
set out brain pate on mad scientist display table
set out heart mold on mad scientist display table
set out bleeding hands on mad scientist display table
set out jello body parts jar on mad scientist display table
set up merangue bones very last on main food table outside

set up Webmistress on front porch before putting on my costume (Melanie)
6:00 put on costume (hair already done) including body makeup (with Melanie)
put away bathroom clutter
start BBQ coals (Ben)
start cider in pot on BBQ on patio
start fog machines on timers
turn on all outside lighting
light candles outside & inside (with Melanie)
bake brie in puff pastry

6:45 mix up punch in hanging cauldron (Ben)
mix up butterbeer in spigot jar inside (Lori)
take out eyeballs from fridge

have fun! :)

5pm start BBQ coals
6pm start fog machines, start cider in kettle (soap kettle first!)
7pm check fog machines
8pm check fog machines & cider
9pm check fog machines & cider
10pm check fog machines & cider - turned off fog machines around 10pm

Lots of work to be able to have lots of fun, as you can see, but all that actually got done in the end! Huge kudos to Melanie who did help a lot from Friday night through the party - thank you VERY much! You also might notice that cleaning my bedroom & the upstairs bathroom didn't really make it on the list...oh well! At least the downstairs & guest room were clean enough for the party! ;)

Next: Halloween Party Post-Mortem Report!
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