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Havant, the final concert...*sniff*

After I left the Portsmouth library, I high-tailed it back to the bus, but I made it in plenty of time. We had taken the bus into Portsmouth instead of Havant since Nick found out there wasn't any internet access in Havant (or much of anything else, it's such a small town), and he said he knew we had to "feed our addiction"... ;) After getting back to the hotel, while Melanie worked out in the hotel gym, I had enough time for a shower and a nap before leaving for Havant at 2:45...

We were getting to Havant an hour earlier than originally planned because Maly's friend had arranged for the local bell ringers to give us a tour and demonstration of the bells in the tower, which was great! Too bad I elected to go on the second tour so I could wander around taking photos and video, since that's when Nick got the organ keys and started noodling around...I heard it inbetween bells from up in the tower...darn! The bells and bell ringers were quite impressive...I think I finally might have maxed out the camcorder mic since I was standing directly in front of one of the gigantic bells while they rang it! LOUD! :)

Dinner was excellent, provided by the parish again. We gave them such a roaring thank you that the vicar said he didn't think the ladies ever been thanked that well before! ;) Nick sat between Denise and me for dinner, giving our whole table an excellent view of him turning beet red when the older lady clearing our table took advantage of a quick approximation of a hug by reaching around him with both arms and leaning into him! haha!

The concert went very well - a fitting final concert for the tour. Daniel kept crying after songs when he'd realize that was the last time we'd peform as this exact group. Marcus & Andy got caught in the same bad traffic we had the night before, so they came in about 15 minutes late during The Rose, but they heard most everything and were quite impressed - hooray! :)

After the audience had mostly gone, Nick had found music for Charles Wood's O Thou the Central Orb for choir and organ, so we sightread while he played - awesome!!! We had told Marcus & Andy to stay around for that if they could - they were impressed that we'd never seen that music before! After that nice extra performance high, we all went to a private club next to the pub across the street from the church for a quick pint, then Melanie & me hugging Marcus & Andy goodbye before getting on the bus back to the hotel.

About half the choir went to the hotel bar when we got back, so I wasn't the only one with that idea! Nick had been chatting with others at the bar before he came over to where Denise, Nat, Carolyn, Jenie, Kevin, Anna, Ryan & I were still sitting around 12:30. Denise was feeling the several double whiskeys she had, and Nick wanted to watch her Market Woman dance, so we sang while Denise danced with her hips directly in Nick's face! hahaha! After we completely butchered Sicut Cervus since a man from Belfast requested we sing again, Nick gave up on us at 1am. Carolyn, Kevin, Denise, Anna & I went to room 37 where the facials were, and Jenie was teaching Lori, Kat, Daniel, Keith & Michael a game - right next door to Nick's room, so I wonder if he heard Carolyn's laugh? ;) Another 2am bedtime for me...

Next: London, then home!

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