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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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house names?
australia, ocean
heehee...My mom got inspired by Robert's comment & got out her Norwegian dictionary...

Since I read the blog, I looked in my Norwegian dictionary and this is what I can find so far. Robert only looked for castle and I agree--those are ugly words.

house = hus (pronounced 'hoos')
Brittahus? I like it.
cabin or hut =hytte
Brittahytte? cute
housing =dekken
yard =tomt or gard with a circle over the a
kitchen =kjokken (o with a slash thru it)
Make yourself comfortable or at home =hygge

Those are the words I have access to--couldn't find cottage and couldn't think of other words to look up. If you have other words you want me to look for, let me know and I will see if they are in my tiny dictionary.

Since the mid-20th century exterior pretty much prevents the "Castle Britta" moniker, I do like the idea of "Britta-something Scandinavian" and "Brittahytte" has a nice rhyming rhythm to it (say "Breeta-hueta" while pointing your lips the whole time), but I think maybe it would get butchered too often...any other ideas? ;)

Back to packing & sorting for my garage sale next weekend...the garage sale was going to happen anyway, but conveniently now I can just pack & be done with it vs. only sorting... :)

Hope you're all having a good evening!

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Q: do you pronounce your name "brit-ta" or "bree-ta"? all this time, i've been saying the latter ...

ps: my vote goes to "brittahus"!

Yes, it's Bree-ta for my name, regardless of anyone saying it's "wrong"...(yes people have said that to me!) If anyone tries to tell me I'm being pretentious, contrary, etc, I just tell them to blame my parents, since I'm only using the same name I've had my whole life... :) If they're a Trekkie I pull out Data's reply to Dr. Pulaski from the 2nd season of The Next Generation:

Dr. Pulaski: Day-ta, Dah-ta, what's the difference?
Data: One is my name, the other is not.

Oh, yeah, and I'm NOT the water filter...that IS "Brih-ta"... :) ...and I am SOOOO glad that didn't appear for sale until my senior year in highschool! ;)

Free house sign

just for you Britta - a free house sign

You have provided me with hours and hours of interesting reading over the past few year and it is the least I can do
here is what the sign will look like

Please e-mail me and well set it up


Wow! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for your generous offer! As soon as I figure out my house name, I'll definitely email you! :) Thanks!

(don't worry, I also emailed separately as well since the post was by a non-LJ person :)

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