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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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income generation?
australia, ocean
Interesting...here I thought I just never got anything from my Amazon Associates link I put up for the Muggle's Guide book a year ago, but lo & behold, I've earned $5 in a year just from clickthrough sales from a single link! I don't get paid until it reaches $10, but still, this, plus my monthly housing costs increasing so dramatically very soon, incents me more to try some Google ads whenever I can get that figured out and pages updated.

Unfortunately www.britta.com's barely 6-month-old server is down hard as of last night, so stay tuned... :(

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HAHAHAHA! i can't believe i never thought to do that!!! well, good for you ... at least one of us is making some money from it! ;-)

Ironically I was just looking on www.rickygervais.com tonight, and the links there on his official website to his Flanimals childrens books are AmazonUK Associate links, since I recognize the format. Obviously as a big name now he must be getting paid already from the publisher for his book, so I guess it's not that weird an idea to get some extra Amazon revenue off your own book as a clickthrough...the question is do you have a website on which to post a link? If you do, totally sign up for the associates program, since it costs you nothing! :)

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