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The tickets were never purchased in person for the midnight IMAX show at the Metreon and they're already sold out (someone had volunteered to go there vs. us paying the online fee), so now I'm scrambling to see when I'm going to see Goblet of Fire...The rest of the "normal" local HP crew is going on Saturday when we're having the garage sale, and we can't go Friday night because we're setting up the garage sale, so this is making things really shouldn't be this hard to see a darn movie...


Update: Okay, so now the Thursday evening crew is down to two, so we will see a midnight show in San Jose, then the other person & I will see the 8:30pm Metreon IMAX Saturday evening AND THOSE TICKETS ARE ALREADY PURCHASED ONLINE AND PRINTED...this will be the least people I've been with for any HP film...for HP#1 even at the 9am showing opening day I had 3 people with me, then for CoS & PoA opening weekends it was 10 or more each time...oh well...that means more butterbeer for me... ;)
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