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Goblet of Fire movie is EXCELLENT!

Like you're surprised at that review? ;) It was very cute how much attention I got especially from teenagers since there were quite a few in robes with glasses & wands, etc, but I had the most authentic costume. I never mentioned how old I was...heh! Since we were chilly this evening, Cyd & I decided to heat up my butterbeer in the microwave & take it in my thermos, which worked well enough even though the fizz goes away. The luckiest people who were brave enough to come up and ask for some got some butterbeer for themselves before we ran out. ;)

Yes, when the movie is compared to the book SO much is missing, but we knew it had to be that way. I understand why they made the changes they did, and I think the changes worked well to translate to movie format. Definitely several sniffles around me for Cedric, and the Hungarian Horntail scene is a perfect model of suspense. Seeing an HP midnight show was cool, but there were times the crowd was laughing or cheering so loudly that we couldn't hear the next line! Ah well...just a reason to see it again...can't wait to see it on IMAX on Saturday! :)
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