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lots of good with a little bit of bad

The Saturday garage sale was an overall grand success! Kevin "Mr. Garage Sale" L. came over Friday evening to help price our larger items and lend his general expertise, then we made signs, put them up, then spent until about 11pm organizing our tables inside the garage. We were up at the crack of dawn to be ready to sell by 7am, and we were glad we did! Kevin came by early to get first dibs on stuff he wanted to buy from us, and he hung around a little bit helping us haggle with the large early crowd. Melanie had sold all her furniture and washing machine by 9am! I had even sold my old surround sound CD/stereo set for $40 which was my largest item. We didn't even have a break to sit down until about 10am, and by then it was too warm to stand in the sun. We kept having a little trickle of people, still buying random small things, so much that we kept consolidating the tables, putting empty tables away, even selling two of Melanie's cardtables. Melanie had made over $600 with all her furniture sales, etc, and even with my stereo plus mostly junk, I made $110, which was a pleasant surprise! We packed up about 1pm, and Kevin wanted us to bring over the leftovers on our way to Goodwill to see what he wanted to keep around for the next Choral Project rummage sale in the spring. He ended up keeping all of it, so we skipped Goodwill, returned the truck, took down all our signs, then came back... take a quick shower, 15-20 minutes of shuteye, and off to SF for some dinner at the counter at Mel's Diner before the Metreon's 8:30pm IMAX show of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! I was EXHAUSTED, so I was very glad I'd seen it before since there were quiet spots in the warm dark theatre where I just could not keep my eyes open. Shame on me! :( Will I have a chance to see this movie when I am NOT tired to the point of exhaustion? ;) Melanie made it through & saw the whole thing & enjoyed it...EXCEPT for when the film broke right as they got to the Quidditch World Cup! ARGH! The film broke, then the crowd was hilariously silly with flashlights & shadow puppetry while waiting, then when they promised they'd splice the film all the way back to where it stopped, twas not so, since we saw but couldn't hear a word of the Draco & Lucius scene...ah well, the rest was stellar, and now we have emergency readmit tickets to anything at anytime at the Metreon for a later date...we'll see if we can use them at some point...the crystal clear image and excellent sound was still worth the IMAX showing...

Unfortunately we were both SO tired by the end of the movie at 11:30 that we bailed on the dancing + Britpop show evening we had dressed up for, so I dropped Melanie at her place & I struggled to keep my eyes open all the way back down 280 to plop into my comfy bed...that was all the good of the day, which was quite good. :)

As for the little bit of bad, my fleece jacket had been taken off pretty early in the sale since I was moving around enough to stay warm. The only bad thing about that is that my garage door remote was in the pocket. Around noon when we decided we wanted to start packing up, my jacket was nowhere to be found, and neither of us had ever seen anyone walk off with it...arrgh! So much for a large chunk of my garage sale profits, since a replacement is $26...and people wonder why I have no faith in general humanity. I searched the neighborhood under bushes and everything in case they found the remote & ditched it, or even ditched the whole jacket, which is no great loss to me, but no luck. It just pisses me off that people have to be like that...stealing a ratty old jacket I don't care about. This is of course the ONLY time I have ever left anything remotely important in unattended pockets, and the only reason the remote wasn't in my jeans pocket is because I was afraid the button would keep getting hit while I was moving around. *sigh*

So, back to concentrating on the least I was easily able to find a replacemennt remote at Home Depot today, and at least I did have a profit from the garage sale to pay for it & still come out ahead, even though it yet again shakes my already-borderline faith in anyone I don't personally know...

Now before any more packing I MUST sew my new Choral Project concert outfit so it's ready enough for my mom to take care of the final fitting over Thanksgiving weekend...hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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