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you know you're a Trekkie when... recognize Dr. Bashir from Deep Space Nine from the tiniest fraction of a second he appears in the 30-second TV trailer for the new movie Syriana...

Sorry...that cracked me up...still laughing!

Yes, it did require a Tivo rewind & pause to verify the name (Alexander Siddig) but I was RIGHT! To add more geekness, which I realize is not necessary, I also know that for the first few seasons of DS9 on the opening credits he was Siddig El Fadil before he changed to Alexander Siddig...and that he & Nana Visitor (Kira) got married before the series was their baby who was written into the plot when Kira was surrogate mother for the O'Briens...okay, Britta, you can stop now! :P
Tags: deep space nine, star trek

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