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The Making of My House Sign

If you've been reading my comments lately, you saw how discussion about my new house developed into possible house names, leading to this post, where I got a lovely reply offering me a custom carved house sign! I can't tell you what a wonderful and completely unexpected surprise this is!

The signs are already being made, so here is progress from Lincoln Sign Company of Lincoln, NH, who is so gracious to be making my sign in their Holiday Gift Sign batch. Here is the status so far from their project and news blog...

The march of the Holiday Gift Signs - Part 1

The march of the Holiday Gift Signs - Part 2

This is my sign to watch for in their blog...

...and the sign will go on the front of my new house!

When I see updates from Lincoln Sign Company I will link them here, so check back for more progress to see my house sign being made! :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

P.S. No, it's not a typo from before...the final "a" of Brittahytta is actually a different case that is also grammatically correct vs. using the final "e" for hytte...I got that directly from a native Norwegian speaker I know over email! ;) Conveniently, that makes it easier for non-Norwegian speakers to pronounce, which is an added bonus to the visual rhyming pattern that I like... :)
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