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funny Potter Party story
So, I have been stuck in really draining all-day meetings for work several days the past few weeks...one of those days I got an email from a co-worker asking for Potter Party help since another co-worker was having a Potter-themed birthday for her daughter over Thanksgiving weekend. Since I was stuck in the meetings & not even at headquarters, I replied to start with my website & www.PotterParties.com for ideas, and offered to answer any questions she had. She thought my website was great & thanked me for the help. I would have offered to borrow my Sorting Hat, but it was still in the window display at commuknity in San Jose...

So, back from Thanksgiving this week, I saw the co-worker who referred me to her, and he said he had tried looking for the Muggle's Guide for her since he remembered the party chapter I was in but couldn't find it at the local Borders. Then the party host came by my desk to update me on how her party went, which was fine. It was a slumber party and the girls had a lot of fun. The funniest part though was that she came home with a bunch of cool bottles since she was planning a Potions class, and her daughter saw the bottles & said "Oh, are we doing Potions?" Her mom said "Yes, my friend from work has this website since she's done parties before." Her daughter says "Hang on, let me get out my book!"...and she comes back with the Muggle's Guide and goes right to the party chapter and the Potions photo! Her mom recognized the photos from my website and tried to explain to her daughter that I was the same Britta who was listed in the opening of the chapter, but her daughter didn't believe her that she could possibly know me! They had to go to my website to find the exact photos from the book before she would believe her mom!

I still think that is HILARIOUS! hahaha... :)

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that IS hilarious! hahahahha!

oh, and by the way -- i didn't know this, but a friend informed me last week -- apparently, there were a few copies of the book kicking around on ebay just the other day. however, i've just checked ebay now b/c i was going to link to the listing for you ... and it would seem they're all gone! the only one i could find was for $35 australian. (eek!)

there are also some second-hand copies on amazon.com that go from the reasonably priced ($14) to the absolutely ridiculous ($200). hell, i WROTE the bloody thing, and i wouldn't pay $200 for it (and certainly didn't make $200 a copy!!).

wish i could say i'd send your coworker a copy, but i don't have any left myself! :-(

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