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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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A Very Britta Christmas...
australia, ocean
Melanie, Ben & I went to dinner tonight early enough that we did some window shopping afterwards at Santana Row. I'd never been in Urban Outfitters before, so I tried on a few things I'd never spend that much money on anyway, but they had these hilarious TEAL tinsel trees! Now, I usually can't stand the fake tree thing, no matter how retro-cool it's supposed to be, but it's my perfect shade of TEAL!!!! The 3-foot trees were on sale for $19, and since I don't get to decorate properly for Christmas this year since I'm moving into my new house, I just couldn't resist. (Their website only shows the teal color available as "turquoise" on the 6-foot tree, but I bought the 3-foot tree...I'm not THAT crazy!)

I'm still laughing as I'm back to packing...I should figure out how I could put the teal tree in my teal Briata with my teal iPod running in its teal charger just for a photo...LOL! Maybe that could be my Christmas photo this year? Hmmm... ;)