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australia, ocean

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a loooooong day
australia, ocean
Whew! The all-day meeting today started at 9am and I finally left work at 7pm...ugh! 5 hours were spent on a single issue instead of the review of all the new modules...exhausting to say the least...

Tomorrow will be another long day, and I won't even be able to be in the same meetings for most of it! First I start off 7:30am to 9:30 meetings for my "real" job, thankfully at least working from home, then dial in to the all-day thing project until I leave for my long-overdue haircut appointment, then back home to get myself all ready for the Mission Santa Clara concert with the Choral Project and the San Jose Chamber Orchestra!

Friday is also the day I officially close on my house! My loan funded today & my wire payment posted, so that was all that was left...I don't get to be at the house yet, and I don't even get keys yet since they are in the lockbox for the termite fumigation...my house will be under a tent for the weekend, so I won't get into it until Tuesday evening...but it's still mine as of tomorrow!

Since yesterday was another all-day meeting then I went straight to dress rehearsal for the concert, I had no time to check blogs let alone update my own blog, so here are the two house sign updates from Signs Never Sleep...my sign should be shipped tomorrow with the batch...hooray! :D

The March of the Holiday Gift Signs: Part 5

The March of the Holiday Gift Signs: Part 6

Shameless plugs: Come to Winter's Gifts this weekend so you can hear us sing some awesome 8-part Bach among other things... :) You can also now buy our new CD Winter which includes my tiny Mary's Boy Child Jamaican-style solo... :)

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A friend of mine is purchasing another house, and watching/learning the process is really prompting me to buy a house within a year. What I'm curious about is whether or not the cost of taking care of the termite issue (or any other structural issues) is covered by the previous homeowner, or do they compensate you by taking the cost out of the price of the house?

Ahh...to have a home with walls I can paint!

Re: Out of Curiosity...

Well, here is more unique than most places I hear, since the California Bay Area housing market is still over-the-top compared to the rest of the planet and even other parts of California, so you basically have to overbid list price just to get an as-is house, meaning the buyer accepts responsibility for any repairs, including termite damage and fumigation. My offer was for $5K over their listing (because it got up to that my 3rd time around with the sellers!) but my agents put in a $5K credit toward closing costs, so that was still net $5K less I had to pay out of my pocket this week for closing. I think in normal housing markets, buyers are able to negotiate with sellers as to what repairs are included in the sale price vs. what the buyer will accept to do later. Here there's bascially no negotiation since there is so much competition among buyers, so the sellers can be fussy & take their pick of the best offer.

My advice is to save as much as you possibly can for the largest down payment you can make, then get pre-approved for a mortgage to know what price house you can even look for. That way you know your limits before you even start looking so you can be realistic. I've been a good girl financially so my credit rating was stellar, so if your credit might not be as good, see what you can do to clean up your credit report and gain as much good credit as you can without overextending yourself. The sellers came back to me because my financing was so strong since I had a large down payment and was pre-approved for my loan, so they knew I was serious and the sale would follow through to the end, unlike the first buyer they accepted whose financing fell through.

Sorry for the novel, but I hope that helps! I'm not the expert by any means, especially because where I live is truly disgustingly abnormal considering the rest of the country. Anytime I watch "House Hunters" and those other shows on HGTV it just makes me sick what housing prices are other places compared to around here...but here is where I have a job that will let me buy a house...and I do admit I enjoy the weather here, especially when driving around with the convertible top down... :)

shipped your sign


Just wanted to know we shipped your sign on Friday

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