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I'm still moving into my new house, but at least the DSL is up as of last night...hooray! I'll try to give a quick catch up...

Work Holiday Party

I couldn't leave earlier to get to Sacramento because our company holiday party was on Friday midday. I was the face-painting elf again, 3 years in a row now, I actually got to eat some of the buffet, and I even won a raffle prize for once! I got a gigantic gift basket from which has still yet to make it over to my new house. I had some very cute little face-painting customers, but I got the chance to be more elaborate on my co-worker's wife with an intricate glittery snowflake on her hand. :) Then my other co-worker's daughters were the cutest & I must have been their new best friend, since they sat there & chatted with me all through the end of the raffle...I made their flowers match their outfits vs. holiday themed by their request. :) I also got my house sign just in the nick of time, since I'm off work these two weeks now! I can't wait to put up my sign! :)

Cibo Cantabimus Caroling

Last weekend was the 12th annual Cibo Cantabimus caroling, which went well & was fun. My parents had a college graduation party for me in December of 1993 (I went one extra quarter into the fall), when spontaneous caroling ensued, so the next year my mom decided to host a Christmas party with us caroling as the scheduled entertainment. There was only one year since then with no Peterson party, and we still caroled as a group that year, so this is definitely a long-standing tradition with my college friends, and it's nice to be able to keep continuing it, even though it's getting harder & harder to schedule each year. I thought I'd finally stay well this year, but on the drive up Friday night I started the sniffles. I started the Zicam in the morning and I was able to sing just fine, so I just caught the drips from my nose between carols. ;)

Corset Crew (heehee)

Sunday morning I went to church with my parents, then to a holiday brunch afterwards on my drive back, since I wanted to get to Johnathon's graduation party that afternoon. The weather was HIDEOUS - raining so hard that the visibility was like dense fog! I saw a couple accidents halting traffic, and the 2.5 hr drive took me about 4, but I still got there in time for the party. Melanie was nice enough to take a holiday photo of my at my new house (still to be Photoshopped for my holiday e-card, but that has to wait until tomorrow I'm afraid), then we got to the party, where we had agreed in advance to wear our corsets...silly girls we are! ;) Here are Robin, me, Cyd & Melanie acting very silly in a "photo shoot"...

Choral Project Caroling

At our Sunday Choral Project concert the week before, Johnathon had asked if some of us wanted to go caroling at Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose, and Monday (since no CP rehearsal!) was the best time for everyone. He gathered some public domain carols, some others he had, and a couple of my Cibo arrangements I had volunteered, and made us all little music packets! We met at Robin's house to practice, then we carpooled to Johanthon's house so we could walk the rest of the way to downtown. The place was PACKED! There's not only the animatronic decorations with fake snow, but even a mini-carnival with rides, and even live music, so we had to find little corners so people could actually hear us. We brought a plastic container (need to have a better busking plan next time, but my precious antique top hat wasn't going to rest on the ground, sorry!) and throughout a couple hours of doing what we love in the holiday spirit, we made $41.47 which will go to the Choral Project coffers! Not only had the weather cleared up, but I was warm enough I had to take off my coat a few times..and even with my cold still lingering, with my trusty Ricola I was able to sing just fine...another fun evening! :)

Moving, moving and more moving...

Of course I'm supposed to have been moving this whole time! I took my first load over the evening of the 13th, as soon as I could get in after the termite fumigation. Since last week I was still working, I took loads over every evening, even though Thursday was my boss' gathering at her place after work. You already know the weekend was taken with other events above, so the morning of the 19th was my first chance for heavy loads. I have been going strong ever since, nowhere near finished yet, and I'm already sore! On the 20th PG&E successfully turned the gas back on (hot water - yay!) and DirecTV put up my dish & ran extra lines for the Tivo, which is working fine - whew! Wednesday I had some more Christmas shopping to do at Apple, so I met Ben & Jen for lunch, then Louie & Jeff had volunteered to help me move the heavy things I can't move by myself. Of course I had been lucky up to then with the weather, but it rained the entire time we were moving my big stuff! heh...After a break to buy them Armadillo Willy's BBQ for dinner, we were finally done with all the major heavy stuff by 11pm, when Jeff & I finally watched the holiday ER before he left. That was my first night sleeping in my new house, so I opened my Chateau Julien port I bought at our concert, and had a glass to celebrate my new house. :)

...and I'm still moving stuff! All the kitchen stuff hasn't been touched yet, and since the washing machine & some shelf units weren't ready yet to be moved on Wednesday with Louie & Jeff, Nathania is being kind enough to be able to help me this evening after work at I'd better get cracking! I was so sore I had to take a little time to get myself limbered up this morning before I'll be of any use at all, so I figured I could cram in an update here.

Happy Holidays everyone! Hopefully I'll be able to post my holiday e-card tomorrow sometime! :)
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