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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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my new baby grand piano!
australia, ocean
I'm still moving, but it's almost to the end, with the cleaning still do to at the old place before the walk-through with the landlords...but yesterday my new piano was delivered - hooray! It is a solid wood 1975 Chickering 5'2" baby grand, made in America, sounds great with nice action but not too stiff, and I love its character, especially the curvy legs. It has a matching bench with curvy legs but my mom wanted a photo with my antique swivel piano stool for fun. :)

Me at my new baby grand piano in my new house!

Now back to moving...one of these days I can relax in my new home, but not quite yet! It's really home now since I moved Kylie over last night...and my guess was correct...within the first hour she was already opening cabinets by herself! I think I'll be buying more "kitty/kiddie"-proof latches very soon... :)

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It looks great, Britta! I predict many hours of music with friends around your piano. When is housewarming?

Thank you! And thanks again for the help on Friday! Good question about housewarming, since I was hoping for Sat the 28th until I found out yesterday we have a concert that day...hmrph!

Back over to the duplex now to CLEAN - blech! :P

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