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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Last Look at Lockwood
australia, ocean
Busy weekend, so I'm a bit behind on what I wanted to post when...first of all, the Last Look at Lockwood...

I took these garden photos Thursday during my 12-hour cleaning session, and my final walkthrough was Saturday morning, so I am officially gone! The yard was my favorite part about living there, so I had to take my "Goodbye Garden" photos since I had put so much effort & expense into the backyard.

Last Look at Lockwood

Goodbye Garden! *sniff*

Now I need to start my new garden at my new house, starting with weeding, but when that will happen I'm not sure since everything is so soggy with the recent storms. I did take some hardwood cuttings from Lockwood, so I'll attempt to have the yummy Concord grapes, the pretty roses, and even some blackberries perhaps, but we'll have to see what actually takes root. It's worth a try at any rate. :)