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Happy New Year!

New Years Eve was with Robin & Cyd at their friend Kevin's house, just the 4 of us, but we had fun. Robin & Cyd insisted I finally watch Buckeroo Banzai to the end to round-out my "geek" quotient (I had seen it once way back when during a party so couldn't hear well let alone there was alcohol of course!), so that was successful! Funny movie, definitely a cult geek movie, and hilariously early-80s hair & wardrobe... :)

I had bought a cheap fondue fountain I wanted to try out, so I brought it with me, plus I had come up with my own Candy Cane Martini recipe inspired by the crushed candy cane rimmer I saw for sale at Sur La Table a month ago. I decided I could easily crush my own candy canes (with powdered sugar so it wouldn't clump), but I brainstormed my own recipe vs. searching online for any drink recipes. Friday night I came up with what tasted good to me, with layered white & red, and when I googled afterwards, amazingly none of the recipes I found online were the same as mine!

Chocolate Fondue Fountain and Candy Cane Martinis

Kevin C., Britta, Cyd & Robin with Happy New Year Candy Cane Martinis

After Buckeroo, we watched Murder by Death, a 1970s spoof on detective movies with a stellar cast, which was classically funny, but Cyd started snoring, then even Robin was dozing when Kevin decided he had to take a photo...haha!

Party Animals - heh!

Note the one eye you see of me is wide open! Granted, I did have my own trouble staying awake towards the end of the movie, but I blame the passive nature of TV watching vs. interactive fun when I can easily stay up until the break of dawn... ;)

But New Years festivities don't end there! On New Years Day afternoon I went over to Lori & Rod's house, now less than a mile away from my new house, for traditional Southern black-eyed peas, greens & cornbread. Delicious! A fun & laid-back afternoon while the blustery weather still raged outside, but the evening ended with a game of the Harry Potter Scene-It DVD game. Lori et al had played it New Years Eve and said to each other "I bet Britta would even be stumped by some of these questions!" so they decided they had to test me, so it was Lori, Rod, Kat & me playing. Well, as I was halfway around the board to the finish with everyone else far behind me, they decided to jump to the final question for me, which I answered correctly...big surprise! There were a couple questions I missed, but they were "Muggle" questions of other trivia about the HP actors...and no, I wouldn't have gotten the flying Ford Anglia license plate, but none of us will ever forget it now: 7990 TD - heh!

Hope you all had a fun New Years too! Back to work in the morning...ugh!
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