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Oh dear...all this at once has to be laughable since it is so crazy...I'm glad I'm laughing!

First of all, plumbing, aka "The Joys of Home Ownership" or something like that...

The home inspection, when granted no washing machine was installed so not available to test, listed everything in working condition with "slow drain" marked on the master bath sink. I didn't notice the sink draining slowly when I moved in, but both showers when I first moved in where a bit slow, nothing major, but seemed like drain cleaner would probably do the trick, since at least they drained. Well, my washing machine got moved over & connected, but only one load was washed at a time until my new dryer arrived, when I washed two loads in a row so I could test the new dryer. When the first load was draining, the toilets bubbled & gurgled but were clear so I said "interesting"...but then the second load drained and sewage came back into my toilets...ack! Disgusting, but at least after everything was done, I was able to flush the toilets which came back clean. Needless to say I didn't use the washing machine or the dishwasher until I got a plumber to come out for "stoppage" on the home warranty call. I took a shower in my master bath and this time it was much worse, so that during just one 20-minute shower, the tub filled to mid-calf-level AND took all night long to drain.

The plumber arrived on Thursday afternoon, looked completely around my house & said, "Well you have no ground main line access, and the home warranty only covers with ground main access." I asked if this wooden panel on my kitchen wall that spatially must be bathroom plumbing access could maybe have main access, so shouldn't we try opening it? He said, "No, it won't be there." So he snaked the only access we can find backing up to the garage laundry area, hit a clog, we ran a ton of water through the garage sink where the washing machine drains, and the toilets seemed okay...but the tubs still weren't draining. He said since everything else is draining, the tubs must be a separate drain problem, so he left telling me where I can dig myself in my front yard to find the sewer main so I can get a ground access installed to the tune of about $500. Five consecutive washing machine loads and a dishwasher load later the toilets were still fine and still are fine, so at least that part should be over...I hope!

Since my tubs were still slower than molasses taking over an hour to drain, even after an entire gallon of the "magic" Ram Rod drain cleaner I used at my duplex, I opened the panel myself last night, lo & behold found the ground access to the main (told you so! :P ), but also found that my tub drain pipes were only connected to the main by eons of goopy hair clog mess that were also clogging the pipes. I have about an inch of gap between the master tub drain & the trap pipe, so when the tub drains (super-fast now - heh!), there is overspray to the gravel piled there under my house. For the hall bath, since that tub drain is actually loose in the tub, not only does the pipe overspray, but the drain itself gives the gravel there a nice shower of its own. Joy! :P So, since "pipe leaks" are a coverage listed under my home warranty, it's worth a try since all they can say is "not covered" when they see it, so they're coming back on Wednesday afternoon, so stay tuned...basically I need pipes completely replaced so they actually MEET vs. having imaginary pipes made out of AIR...

Other Joys of Home Ownership...?

My parents very very kindly bought me a new electric dryer as my main Christmas present since I couldn't move my gas dryer over since I have no gas hookup at the new house. My mom decided the extra warranty was a good idea, so she paid for that too. I got the paperwork in the mail this weekend and the warranty lists "COOKTOP - ELECTRIC OR GAS" so I get to call them this week to get the correct equipment listed on my warranty. I was also told that I would receive paperwork from Wells Fargo by early January about how I can set up automatic mortgage payments, but still nothing from them either. I'm going to set up my own online banking automatic payments for now then call them as soon as I get a chance between everything else. At least I've gotten all my address info updated everywhere I can think of, and all the required repairs I've been scheduling have been going okay. The termite stuff was all done before I moved in, the chimney was repaired soon after, and my dad installed my new disposal after Christmas - the best plumbing job in my house at the moment! Now that the contractor actually got me a skylight to replace the chipped one in the kitchen, that should be installed today or tomorrow, and the roof will be resealed on Friday, then my insurance list of required repairs is complete.

DMV blunders

I was wondering what I hadn't received my Honda registration renewal that I usually receive in November since it's up in mid-January. I thought it might have just been late, then I was swamped with moving, but I still have nothing. I went to AAA at lunch today asking if I could renew registration without paperwork, so she looked it up & asks if I sold the car...huh? It shows a release of liability was received in Oct 2004 for a sale June 2004, but that I did pay on Dec 8th 2004 for the 2005 registration. Since I still have the pink "rainbow really" slip for sure in my desk with my other important papers, let alone I still have custody of the car, it's obviously a fat-finger typo, and now that my Honda is at my parents a 3-hour-drive away since I traded temporarily for use of the family truck to move, of course it also needs to be smogged...*sigh* Another "please Mom?" task that I hope can be done ASAP, then I can go back to AAA & get my tags.

Boy, that's a lot, and it's only lunchtime on Monday! What else will the day bring, let alone the week? ;)
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