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Happy Monday! :P

This weekend was another choir rehearsal weekend, in which the law of diminishing returns sets in because my voice & brain are so exhausted by the end of the weekend I really don't know how much good it really does vs. the complete exhaustion, but my opinion doesn't count, I know, so I just go & deal with it. The bright spot was dinner for Melanie's birthday Saturday night, but there were so many people there, and I got stuck in a corner not able to get out & talk to anyone else. I did get more stuff unpacked, took another shower with drain pipes held together only by metal tape, and had a really hard time getting up this morning, so I was mindlessly driving to work on the freeway. Someone was staying right alongside, then when I finally turned to look at them they pointed at my back passenger tire...uh oh...The tire looked & felt normal when I left home...I pulled over and yes, it was definitely flat. Thank goodness it wasn't raining, thank goodness I didn't have any extra stuff with me so that everything from my trunk could be piled in the front seat, and thank goodness I had a hair clip to keep the wind out of my face as I changed my own tire. I always have to laugh later because every time I've ever had to loosen lug nuts for any of my tires, they are on so tightly that I have to grunt loudly to put my whole body weight behind it! Why the grunt helps I have no idea, but it really just doesn't work without the noise...*shrug*...I got the spare on & back on the freeway in about 10 minutes, including getting everything out of the trunk, and got to work okay...but have you ever seen a Miata spare tire? Think lawnmower or go-cart wheel - I'm not kidding! It says "not for use over 40 mph or farther than 40 miles" which of course is really helpful when I drive 30 miles one way for work... :P

Tired of Tires..
Of course, less than a year ago when I bought all 4 new tires, I swear I requested & paid for the road hazard protection per tire, but lo & behold, it only says free flat repairs, not tire replacement...argh! Of course, it was some random odd chunk of sharp metal, not even a convenient nail or anything, so it left too large a hole to patch legally they said...but I had finally HAD it by then with all my "comedy of errors" that has been going on this entire week, so I spouted off a bit, apologizing afterwards. The guy said he'd patch it anyway, but he can't guarantee the patch, so I need to keep checking if it's losing air, which I will be doing. I was all ready to suck it up & go to Costco tomorrow for an entire set of 4 new tires, or at least a matching pair - you know how one new tire messes everything up since the tread isn't aged evenly, blah blah blah - but after talking with my dad, he said at least watch the tire pressure for a couple weeks, since the patch very well might we'll see...

Comedy of Errors Update
To add to last week's comedy of errors, Wednesday afternoon the plumber showed up right at 5pm of his 3-5pm window, for which I worked from home, then of course didn't have anything he needed to make the repairs. Then, thinking there might be a slim chance he could come back Thursday evening like he told me, as I tried leaving work at a reasonable hour of 5:15, my car alarm remote battery died, meaning I could not deactivate my alarm nor start my car! A co-worker driving past tried to help me, but it took the two of us about 20 minutes of searching all over the car with a flashlight and seriously damaged eardrums from the continuously-restarting alarm before we found the override switch so I could get my car started. I hope it's just the battery, but at least I have the backup remote that I've been using since then...whew!

Plumbing Update
When he finally showed up on Wednesday, the plumber said that the home inspector should have been suspicious there was even an access panel in the kitchen, so should have looked inside, but since they didn't & no other symptoms were noted by the inspector nor did I have symptoms immedately when I moved in, it sounds like the home warranty will cover his work. He will put in both new tub drains with pop-up stoppers, but needs to get the parts, I couldn't be home Saturday to meet him because of rehearsal 9am-6pm, so I couldn't get an appt until this coming Friday at 9am. He told me not to use the hall tub with the loose drain, but he used a ton of metal tape to cover my "imaginary" pipe, which seems to be working okay for normal shower use this week at is definitely NOT a permanent solution. And, he said the access I found is not an actual main, since the pipe surround is just thicker, not that the pipe access is wider...but it still is good access for a general snake, even though he didn't think it would necessarily have been any better than the garage access he used the week before. He also said that once he fixes the tub drains, I could just drywall up that access hole instead of keeping that wood panel there, but with my luck I think if I did that, something else would happen and I'd just need to rip open the wall again, so I was thinking of getting a proper panel to put in. We'll see what I find and how much I care. If I just drywalled over it, the baseboard wouldn't match anyway, since that was cut down halfway for the sake of this wood panel anyway...

Other progress at least!
At least progress has been made in other areas. Both cars have had oil changes last week, the Honda was smogged so I now have the new tags - which for 2007 are TEAL - woohoo! ;) The dryer model# was just missing a single digit on the warranty that turned the dryer into a cooktop, so I got that corrected and they are sending me a corrected contract in the mail. My old kitchen skylight has been replaced as of last Monday and the roof has been resealed as of Friday. All I need now are the invoices to pay them and so I can use those as proof of repairs to send in to complete my homeowners insurance requirements. I mowed my lawn with my push mower (ugh! Long wet grass with a push mower = sore shoulders & back!), and I pulled 13 buckets of weeds just from the front yard during any daylight I had during the week, so at least the front looks more presentable now, even though I have yet to tackle the backyard. I also got the yucky blinds down from the living room and put up gold raw-silk/polyester blend curtains (washable but still nice-looking, and with Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, much cheaper than I ever could have made 6 lined curtain panels!), so it's looking much more like MY living room now...I even bought extra curtains to make new pillows for my couches that exactly match the curtains, so I really like those. :)

Now to last through the rest of this week, since Friday I leave to visit Natasha north of Truckee on the way to Squaw Valley for our annual work teambuilding event with Sales...

Hope you all have a good week!
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