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Friday night it took from 4-8pm to get from Menlo Park (via my cousins' house to pick up leftover tile) to Roseville, then a quick pheasant fajita and salad at my parents' house plus car transfer and resting my eyes for 10 minutes got me back on the road from Roseville to Portola from 9pm-midnight...quite good time, especially considering it's winter, but even though there is plenty of snow on the ground, the roads were mostly clear. I had some issues with my windshield wipers sticking on the frozen crud on the windshield, but all was well enough. Natasha & I stayed up talking until 2am, then finally went to bed, getting up about 9 or 9:30...then talking more in our pajamas when we got up until we finally got ready to go to lunch...

Since Tash's husband had taken their main vehicle away on a boy's ski weekend, we took my Honda so her son Austin could have his carseat in the back, so she drove in my car over to a little sandwich place near Graeagle, we had a yummy lunch, then a tour around the local area, which was absolutely beautiful in all the snow, but a nice clear day in which to see everything. Austin kept pointing out everything relevant to him, like "Momma, remember the parade down this street?" or "My soccer camp is there"...very cute! We came back & just lounged for a bit, and Tash's dad came over, who I haven't seen in many years, then we went to dinner at the Mexican place on their main street corner in Portola, which was good food and I do have leftovers.

Natasha & Austin in the snow

Britta, Tash & Austin inside

After realizing last-minute at 7pm both my cellphones were on their last battery legs, I plugged them in & chatted for an hour more while they charged, plus Tash insisted she clean my windshield properly so I could see to drive. ;) I finally left Portola about 8pm, and got to The Village at Squaw Valley at 9:30 which was better time than Tash expected. I called my co-worker but finally got a hold of my boss, and the group was just sitting down for dinner. They told me whose room I was in so I could check in, but I didn't understand what I was being told where the room was vs. the parking garage, so when I finally found a place to park & got my stuff out, I ended up walking around for 20 minutes, even rolling my luggage through the snow in the actual village, before I finally found our suite! I walked all the way to dinner sans coat since I was still so warm from lugging all my stuff that long with my thick winter coat on...heh! I got to dinner about 10:15, where since I was full anyway I just enjoyed the wine. After dinner a bunch of us went to the Irish pub here, but since of course they only had Strongbow cider (blech!) I enjoyed mixed drinks, socializing & dancing to the live band until 1:20am when we all left to get back to our rooms...where there's no wireless, but free cabled ethernet, so woohoo! ;)

Marketing plus Megan at dinner

Mylene, Maricar & Britta with Lemon Drops at the Auld Dubliner pub

Oh, and here I thought my comedy of errors chain had finally broken since the plumbing was repaired on Friday morning and I drove up here safely & on time, but not quite, since my watch battery died overnight - heh! I only got the watch in August! We'll see if I find a watch battery here that isn't prohibitively expensive, otherwise I'll use my cellphone for my timepiece I guess...

Now to get up & enjoy the day...until next time!

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