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housewarming weekend

As you saw last time, I got back safely from the mountains, but was exhausted, so I didn't do much Thursday night but get to bed...was nice to sleep in my own bed, since the hotel beds were tweaking my back & neck all week. Friday I worked from home so I could have my free piano tuning & revoicing.

The woman who was sent by where I purchased the piano calls herself a "piano craftswoman" - cool! She said she used to call herself a technician, but she felt "craftswoman" described her better. ;) There are piano tuners, who just tune, and there are piano technicians who can work on the entire piano, adjusting other details and even repairs. I'd seen upright pianos with the front panel open plenty of times, but I'd never seen anyone pull out the entire keys/hammer construction from a grand-style piano, balance the assembly on her lap, and proceed to poke the felt on the hammers, then squish the felt with pliers. It was fascinating! She explained that the felt on the hammers is under so much tension when they are first made that the attack is very sharp when the hammers hit the strings. Loosening up the layers of felt allows for a softer attack which is usually a warmer & fuller sound. I commented I always thought pianos were amazing in that they are just complex constructions of many simple machines, mostly just levers. She even fixed the key cover, since it wasn't latching to stay up, including regluing the felt edge since it was sticking on the keys in the back. She was there for 4 full hours, and she said she'd even come back again if we felt it still needed more revoicing, so I'll need to get some more opinions. I agree it's much better already than when she started working on it. I have her card on my fridge already, since I was impressed enough with her that I want to use her for my own tunings, which should probably be every 6 months, and I really shouldn't slack on my new "baby"... :)

Saturday was hectic, since I had to leave at 1pm for the conducting master class & post-class concert we were doing, but I was still trying to clean my place for my housewarming party on Sunday afternoon. I thought I'd be able to get up & vacuum before I left, especially since I don't have stairs to worry about laid plans! *sigh* Since it wasn't spinning properly, I ended up spending over an hour just trying to fix the beater bar on the vacuum, still to no avail, and with grease & things all under my fingernails and everything. So, I was already late getting myself ready, then when Ben arrived to carpool, I hadn't eaten yet so threw an unbaked tortilla on the stove to eat on my way, but as I was grabbing the rest of my stuff, I burned that to a charred crisp, filling the house with smoke and gluing carbon deposits to my nice non-stick pan...argh! Off we went...I'm still quite frustrated with our new choir outfit, so since my day started badly, things just seemed to keep getting worse for awhile. At least the session and concert went well, then I came back, aired out the house, and kept cleaning & trying to make the bedrooms presentable until 4am. The office still isn't done, and definitely not the garage nor are the patios arranged to my liking yet, but at least my bedroom, the guest bedroom & both bathrooms were presentable & clean before people came over to see them! I had tackled the living room & kitchen before I left for Squaw Valley at least... :)

On Sunday, I had friends who had to get to Davis before 4pm, so they were planning on stopping by at noonish and leaving before the party even started, but as I was running around getting last-minute stuff put away, plus starting to get party food ready, I thought I had a few more minutes before I needed to start getting ready...but lo & behold at quarter 'til noon, there they were at the door! The joke was that they wanted to see me in my pajamas, so they got their wish, even without my teeth brushed or my contact lenses in, let alone any makeup on! Oh well...we chatted for about an hour, then I kept getting everything else ready as Melanie came over a little bit early and helped get food ready. Around 2pm guests started showing up, which meant I was continuously giving tours, and that kept up for a few hours straight! There were 39 of us in all spaced out throughout the day, the majority leaving in the early evening, then the last leaving about 9pm. Most everyone commented on the house's potential, especially the party potential - of course! ;) My evite was called "New Year, New House, New Piano" and I had said, "I can't promise anything fancy or spectacular yet, but if you come see the house now, you will have the "before" state to remember when you return after my decorating flair has been let loose... ;) "

So far the week has been okay...for some reason I'm moodier than usual which is a bit annoying, but I'm hosting alto sectional tonight so my new piano will get a chance to show off, plus fun socializing... :) Hopefully this weekend I can get more started on my yard, since the front needs mowing again for sure, and I haven't had any chance to do much since I've been busy or gone during daylight hours!
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