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Life Goes On

Several people have asked me if I plan to keep updating this blog now that we're all back from tour? So, I figured, why not? I originally signed up to be more of a traditional blog anyway, so here goes... :)

I mentioned "tour withdrawals" in my last tour entry...boy have I had it bad! I'm not usually one for getting all emotional (channeling my Vulcan alter-ego?), and this didn't happen after the last Choral Project tour to Costa Rica, but this time it hit me hard that I had been with people constantly for almost 3 weeks, then I was back to just my cat at home...luckily going to eat lunch at Apple HQ with Jen to get my laptop back really saved me the day after I got back! (Thanks, Jen!) Finally getting emails and YM chat with Melanie still in London has helped, and so has the spontaneous potluck BBQ party Nathania organized for my birthday yesterday, complete with delicious homemade chocolate cake! :-9 Thanks so much, Nathania! I do feel blessed to have such friends! :)

Now the daunting task of editing all that video footage from tour is staring me in the face...I have actually now started importing, so far getting through about 1.5 hrs of almost FOURTEEN, but at first I was reading the Final Cut Pro manual (1600 pages of PDF - ack!), then my weekend was unavailable because my father's aunt Helen passed away from liver cancer last week, so my parents & I flew up to Oregon for the service on Saturday...I sure didn't expect to be on another plane so quickly...I offered to sing in honor of Helen because I knew what it would mean to her for a family member to sing, and her family really appreciated it...the happy side was that I got to see and hold my cousin's new baby born in cute! So the last of the elder Peterson generation has passed, but the newest generation of our Peterson side has appeared...stop me before I start singing from the Lion King... ;)

I'll leave you today with one last tour blog comment from Nick via email:

"How did you get so much information down in those few moments when we weren't on the bus or in a bar?!"

heehee... :)

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