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weekend update

A little more gardening, a lot more cleaning & a little bit of decorating...

Friday evening I got home after a stop at Trader Joes, made some dinner, tried to put some garage stuff away, then immediately started in on Mardi Gras stuff after putting some more clothes away in my bedroom - one of these days my bedroom will be really presentable! *sigh*

Saturday I tackled some yardwork but not a lot. I had to rip out a whole bunch of oxalis where I wanted to plant my blackberries, then I remembered I need to buy a real shovel since I only have a hand spade of my own, but that was good enough for bare root plants anyway. My blackberry cuttings from the other place were already growing leaves even though I didn't see any attempts at roots yet, so I decided to try planting them in the ground with more rooting hormone. I was wise in choosing my locations, since they are near already-installed irrigation points, plus are inbetween existing larger bushes along the back fence so will hopefully fill in a bit while they're still growing. I also planted the raspberries in the more shaded corner where there was an unused irrigation point ready for placement. Hopefully it'll get full enough sun in the morning & midday, since raspberries like full sun, but not as hot as the afternoon gets in the valley.

Since I needed to water those in well & it's been so warm this past week, I decided to test the sprinklers & irrigation so I'd know what's set for what & how to program them. There are two different systems, one for the front & one for the back, and they're a bit confusing so I had to resort to reading the manuals that were thankfully left for me. I finally figured out the front, which is just lawn vs. everything else, but the back is still a bit confusing. I have two sets of drip irrigation, which work fine, and will be easy to add irrigation points since the long 1" tubing runs around the entire permiter of the yard, but the two sets that look connected to the lawn area in-ground sprinklers don't ever start, so I'm not sure there. At least it's not nice grass back there, just a bunch of weird weeds that will need ripping out eventually, but it would be nicer to keep it green in the meanwhile. While waiting for the various sprinklers to go through their cycles, I did get a little more weeding done in the front corner, but not all yet...

That was the extent of my outside work for Saturday, since my goal for the weekend was to get both my cars into the garage! Since I started the weekend still barely able to walk in two pathways in the garage, that would be an accomplishment in itself! Of course my to do list had a ton of other things like arranging the screened patio, finishing my bedroom & finishing the office, but I always try to fit too much into my measly 24-hr days. ;) Starting still in afternoon light & warm in a t-shirt & jeans, I worked on the garage, consolidating several keepsake boxes down to one, rearranging shelving units, etc, until I got too chilly & decided it was time for dinner around 9pm...heh! My dinner break ended up being a few hours since my feet & back needed a different position, but then I hooked up my mom's old iMac in my kitchen & tested it...still works!

Sunday I decided that I'd like the red flame grapes to be placed later, since I'd like them on an arbor that I'd like to make over a still non-existent patio, so I put them in a pot for the time being. I kept working on the garage while messing with computer stuff, using my 250G external hard drive as a sneakernet to get my recipes onto the iMac (was easier than getting out the USB floppy drive & finding a disk!), then I also spray-painted the footstool so I'd have plenty of time to dry on both sides by the evening. Since I wanted more of a wrought-iron look than plain black, plus my black can was almost out but I had plenty of dark brown, I covered completely with brown, then dusted with the flat black over the top. I think it worked out okay.

As for the garage, I decided to cut my losses and pull everything left out onto the patios just so I could get my cars in & see what space I had left. Around 6ish I had that done and both cars squeeze in barely. I have the Miata on the left side so I can get in & out easier, so it takes a lot of squeezing to get in & out of the Honda! At least it works. Now I still have to tackle the patios again, since they are a disaster of where to put things, plus I have several more random boxes to go through still. Plenty to do, as always!

...and since I can't stand cleaning ALL weekend, I had to do something creative, so here's a quick project! Since my fireplace is down at ground level I thought a footstool or ottoman might be good for extra seating closer to the fire. I was thinking of an easy box style that could also double as storage, but most of those seemed a bit too tall to enjoy the fire like I was thinking. I found a nice short one at Ross that aside from colors fit my style nicely. The cushion was unattached & missing its screws for only $8, so I grabbed it.

Before = New footstool as purchased for $8 since the cushion wasn't attached to the base

After = Improved footstool after brown & black spray paint & new fabric to match my curtains

Stephen Schwartz (of Wicked, Godspell, Pippin, etc) will be at rehearsal tonight to work with us on his new piece we're premiering in June...he's written it especially for us, and it's still a work in progress called Keramos, so this should be really cool to work with the composer in process!
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