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In March 1999 I visited my then-boyfriend in the UK, including my first visit to Greenwich Observatory, complete with the obligatory photo standing with one foot in each hemisphere over the Grand Meridian. Y2K was fast approaching, and at the observatory they were big on "The Millennium Starts Here!" since I guess the official world clock goes by the Grand Meridian, regardless of the date line being the time zone delineator. They had souvenir bottles of a 1997 Bordeaux with a cool special label, so I bought one to take home. By the end of the summer I had given up on that almost-3-yr relationship, and I think I took the bottle with me to my small group of friends celebrating Y2K together up at an apt in San Francisco, but we never opened it. After that there never seemed to be the right occasion. A few years ago when a friend saw it in my wine stash they said it was probably already bad since bordeaux are not meant to age, so even less incentive to open it now. When I moved, I tried to separate the better wines to put on my kitchen cart wine rack, which left the Deep Space Wine Klingon Blood Wine from Vegas and the Millennium wine out the garage. As I was cleaning my garage this weekend, I brought them in, so last night I decided just to bite the bullet & see how bad the Millennium wine really was...well, not so great...pretty acidic and almost undrinkable for me since I like sweeter full-bodied wines anyway. I drank a glass, but I think I'll be leaving the bottle open seeing if I can make red wine vinegar out of it, then use it for cooking somehow...

A long story for such a sour punchline, eh? Well, what did you expect from me on Valentine's Day? :P

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