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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Muggle's Guide in Spanish now for sale!
As mentioned back in November 2004 when we heard the rights had been purchased by a Spanish distributor, the Muggle's Guide is really available now in Spanish! :)

Amazon has it for sale ($32? ack - I want a copy but I can't even read it when I get it? hmm...) but with no photo, so here's the photo blackwiidow sent me...maybe it's that expensive since it's only in hardback?

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yeah, it's only available in hardback (amazon.com has it wrong), which could explain the price. although, it isn't supposed to be available through amazon.com at ALL, actually -- i was told it was only for sale in spain, period. this is very strange ...

Amazon is just reselling perhaps? I know that there are lots of "New & Used" other vendor links too...some are a little cheaper, but those look like American importers, like in Florida, etc...

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