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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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australia, ocean
Check out the 3m graph for EQIX stock...from the low 40s to over $55/share in the past 6 weeks! Of course I had a limit order from last August set for $45 to sell a little chunk of options, so that sold back in January. Since it's still going up, I'm going to sit tight & not sell anything else for awhile longer...or should I set a pie in the sky limit order for $75 or something just to see what happens? heh...last summer $45 seemed pie in the sky! ;)

Seeing what happened back in 2000-2001, though, and even seeing that previous options still underwater from this same company from back then, I still stand by my plan of taking incremental gains by selling options & shares along the way, starting when we finally hit $23 up from $3, since if I had waited to sell anything until now, we would have tanked instead, right? ;) Also if I had waited, I couldn't have bought my house when I did, so it's all good...

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Taking incremental gains is good!

That's the advice I give fellow employees not familiar with options or Employee Stock Purchase Plans. I've seen too many people buy and hold and then get caught with stock underwater. In my opinion, it's better to put sell orders for small blocks of stock at incrementally higher prices. This way you are making money along the way and don't second guess if the price went higher later.

Of course, gotta watch out for the tax consequences. :-P

Like you, I wouldn't have gotten my first home without stock options.


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