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Check out the 3m graph for EQIX stock...from the low 40s to over $55/share in the past 6 weeks! Of course I had a limit order from last August set for $45 to sell a little chunk of options, so that sold back in January. Since it's still going up, I'm going to sit tight & not sell anything else for awhile longer...or should I set a pie in the sky limit order for $75 or something just to see what happens? heh...last summer $45 seemed pie in the sky! ;)

Seeing what happened back in 2000-2001, though, and even seeing that previous options still underwater from this same company from back then, I still stand by my plan of taking incremental gains by selling options & shares along the way, starting when we finally hit $23 up from $3, since if I had waited to sell anything until now, we would have tanked instead, right? ;) Also if I had waited, I couldn't have bought my house when I did, so it's all good...
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