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nothing like last minute craziness!

My boss just came to my desk earlier today and begged me to cover for someone who had to back out last-minute of this business trip, even offering to pay for a kennel for catsitting, since that was what came out of my mouth first as one concern among many. It is another international customer event, similar to the October one in LA where I helped at the late-night parties & early morning all-day sessions, so I'm sure I'll come back exhausted like before...but I'm not complaining too much since it's a Caribbean cruise sailing out of Ft Lauderdale, so I'm sure I'll have a little fun along the way! I leave at the crack of dawn Friday morning & come back late Thursday night (thanks for the airport transportation mrmouse!), so you probably won't hear from me between then unless you happen to catch me when I'm quickly checking work email on the expensive wireless access on the ship. If I'm really lucky, maybe I can make a blog entry, but we'll see how things go...

Extra irony: the costume party is "Pirates & Wenches"...guess what I'm bringing with me? ;)

See you when I get back!

(P.S. Yes, the commissioned Sorting Hat got finished this week, but now I'm not going to be able to deliver it until I get back...darn!)
Tags: conference, gpf06, travel, work

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