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Thursday already?!?

Now that it's already Thursday afternoon, I finally have the chance to catch up on my productive weekend...heh! ;)

Friday - work, luggage returned, sleep at long last!

Friday I drove up to work after my late, late night getting home, since all day we were working on this major presentation for Tuesday morning. Since I got the call my luggage was found, I asked them to deliver it to my house after 6pm, but I also had to pick up the no-longer-mysterious Disneyland ticket package at FedEx on my way home. I ended up not getting to my house until 7pm - the rain didn't help - so I had to call & have them deliver it just before 10pm on their way back. I started doing laundry then as I dumped my photos off my camera & started sorting & retouching them for posting. Amazingly I didn't make it to bed until 2am, so I was just continuing the lack of sleep week I guess! Thankfully Kylie let me sleep in until 10:30 or so on Saturday...whew!

Saturday shopping for groceries, gardening & lighting...

After my leisurely morning of much-needed sleep, I got myself up & about., which was even more difficult with a cuddling kitty involved. I sorely needed groceries, plus my poor cuttings that had needed real planting for a couple weeks already really needed attention, so I got potting soil & organic fertilizer, then went with my new homeowners coupon in hand to Lamps Plus in case they had the chandelier I found online that I liked. No luck on the chandelier, but there was a wall sconce I liked that should fit in place of my dish-shaped hallway sconce, so I used the coupon for that. I got more red onions with my groceries, so I made attempt #2 of my French Onion Soup, using Glen Ellen merlot this time for the 1/2 cup wine...and this time NO FAT AT ALL! :D For only 1 WW Point per cup without any bread or cheese garnish, it's very tasty, even though not quite as heavenly as what I had in Scotland...I'm sure beef stock and butter is required for that cloud level. ;) Since I was experimenting anyway, I thought to try to see if the onions would cook down enough in just the crockpot, saving some cleaning & stovewatching in the soup-making process...but the onions are better and have more flavor being sauteed on the stove first, though, so duly noted for next time.

While the soup was cooking, I discovered my email was finally working again, so I caught up on some replies and completed posting my cruise photos. I even out of curiosity poked around to see how close I really was to finishing my Seven of Nine costume page, and since I really was that close to finishing, I went ahead & finally finished it - 4 years after I started it! heh... One of the guys I met on the cruise at Sunday dinner had already checked out my website by Wednesday night, and he told me to let him know whenever I had any more Seven of Nine photos on my site....heh! Too bad I don't have his email address to let him know... ;)

Woodgrain gossamer project has begun!

Not sure if I mentioned my plan yet, but I did receive the 100yd x 60" wide roll of woodgrain pattern gossamer to try on my beamed ceiling. See, I have beams already, but they are painted white, and the ceiling between the beams is not only painted white, but isn't even wood grain, so stripping the ceiling isn't a real option. I could strip the beams, but what to do about inbetween? I've also been getting opinions that I was crazy for wanting my ceiling any darker than white, but they're also the ones who aren't enthused about my castle living room idea anyway. ;) I agree I don't want a dark wood effect on the ceiling, since I know from Halloween effects that black ceiling with stone walls really does make the room feel smaller, but I think that a medium wood color should be fine, especially with light tan stone effect walls. I was ready to go for a more permanent method from the gate, but my brother asked if they make woodgrain pattern gossamer, since he was so impressed with how the flagstone gossamer looked, so I decided I could try that first to check color & where in the house I want the wood effect before I do anything more permanent. Who knows - it might look good enough to stay up, since who will get so close to that ceiling really? ;) I measured and estimated that the 100yd roll would cover all the ceilings in the whole house, and I wasn't planning on bathrooms or the office, and that was less than $200. My shipment arrived before the cruise, so I stared cutting strips & taping them to the living room ceiling on Saturday night. The tape isn't holding that well, so I might try staples as long as I can easily get the staples back out. I also think that covering the beams with the same exact color is flattening the beam effect. Too bad none of these are the right dimensions, since my beams are already 6"x4" by themselves! I'd unfortunately have to get the 8"x10" beams for the internal dimensions to go around my existing beams, and since my beams are already only 28" apart, having the larger beams only 24" apart seems a bit too crowded for only 7'-9' ceilings, plus they're not cheap. So, the plan now is to finish just the panels between the beams with the gossamer, then see what to do next with the beams, including perhaps just painting them a basecoat of tan, then antiquing them with a darker brown to bring out all the knots & natural grain that I can see already. That will probably be easier than just sanding & stripping the beams, but that's my other thought, since it might be cool to have natural wood beams, especially when I can see they already have some natural interest anyway. Don't worry - I'll keep you all posted, since you know I don't keep my mouth (fingers?) shut very easily... ;)

Sunday - third electrical project done! Gardening and even SUN!

Since it was dark by the time I got home on Saturday, I didn't do any electrical until Sunday when I could see in daylight. Since this is my 3rd wall sconce, it was old hat by now, so it went smoothly...hooray! I put the sourdough bread in the machine to mix & raise while I did my gardening. I didn't take a photo, but I have 4 pots of the JFK rose, 2 pots of the bright salmon pink rose, 2 pots of the white carpet rose, one white potato vine, one Concord grape, all with a bit of foliage, but only some with roots, so we'll see what happens. I don't know where in the yard I want to plant them yet anyway, so pots for now should at least keep them growing until I decide. Since it was actually sunny without wind, I decided to get out my lounge chair for the first time at this house & sit in the sun for about an hour from 4-5pm, so no dark tan...but that was longer than I was ever able to relax in the sun on the cruise! ;) I pulled about 7-8 buckets of weeds from the front yard, planted 20 dutch iris bulbs out front, then got the front lawn mowed just as the light was fading. After a bowl of delicious onion soup during a disappointing Ricky Gervais Simpsons episode, I kept going on the woodgrain gossamer & more laundry until bedtime before my hectic workweek.

Finally, here are the before & after photos of the hallway wall sconce...

Original hallway wall sconce

New hallway wall sconce

I like the new sconce lots better! :)

This weekend is attending a housewarming party on Saturday, then salvage shopping in Berkeley Sunday afternoon...and I must remember to check all the major websites for April Fools pranks on Saturday! ;)
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