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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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australia, ocean
Off we go to Disneyland! We're on 101 south of San Jose already so we'll hopefully get there in time tonight for some park action. I'm logged in from my new Treo in the car...don't worry...I'm not the one driving! :) If I'm bored in line this weekend I might just post again...heh! Otherwise see you Sunday!

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Bummer about 'Pirates' being closed! Hope the weather is nicer down there then the rain we have right now!


Disneyland eating and cheap fun

When we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel we found the best buffet for the $ was the Storyteller's Café at the Grand California (I want to stay there next time we go).

If you like Arts & Crafts period architechture, check out the GC - they also have free tours of the hotel.

House of Blues at Downtown Disney also does a great breakfast buffet as well.


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