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I've been trying to start dieting again since I would like to at least lose 10-15 more pounds, perhaps 25 if I can really keep going, but right as I started again in earnest, I got sent on that cruise for work, then these all-day testing sessions had us staying captive for lunch, so they kept ordering really good pizza or BBQ, then Disneyland indulgence, so I'm starting again. I went to Target for contact lens solution at lunch (no I don't use Bausch & Lomb anyway, don't worry!) and saw a 2 piece bathing suit, turquoise crocheted over a tan/flesh lining, and the top was triangles but was actually DD! I used to look best in the triangular tops, but the past several years the triangles haven't been big enough for coverage. ;) I tried it on, and I wouldn't necessarily want to be seen in public in it right now, but it's not too my goal is by summer or at least by the end of summer to feel like I look good in it...wish me luck! :)

(Yes, the bathing suit is not teal to match the Briata, but bright turquoise is the 2nd best blue/green shade to teal and I've been told turquoise actually goes better with my eyes, so it's just fine... ;)

Update: here's a photo of the bathing to get my waist & tummy to look like the photo! :P
Tags: bathing suits, diets, incentives

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