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WOMBAT results

JK Rowling had a Wizards' Ordinary Magic and Basic Aptitude Test (WOMBAT) on her site for April Fools weekend only, so if you missed your chance then, it's much too late to take it now. I took it quickly in about 5-10 minutes max vs. the 25 minutes allowed & didn't reconsider or research anything, not even on the HP Lexicon. Since a few were more of opinion-style questions anyway, like "which political issue do you feel is the most important? House-elves, centaurs, etc" I wasn't sure how the grading would work. Maybe I should have made more of an effort, since I did pass Grade 1, but only with a classification of "Acceptable." I'm not used to getting just "acceptable" grades especially when Acceptable sounds like an American C, since Exceeds Expectations and Outstanding are above, but then again "Acceptable" doesn't sound too bad on the certificate I got:

"We are pleased to tell you that you have passed your Grade 1 WOMBAT. Your knowledge of the workings of the wizarding world demonstrates real magical potential. We hope that you will continue to study further and attempt WOMBAT Grade 2 in due course."

Or, as someone on the Leaky Lounge posted, "Don't be too hard on yourselves, Acceptable students! Your A might just mean that you've got your priorities straight AND you're Potter-smart too!!"

Heh...does that mean I really might be a Gryffindor vs. a Ravenclaw?

So, I guess keep an eye out for a Grade 2 exam next...this is to tide us over waiting patiently(?) for Book 7 I guess... ;)

Happy Friday & Happy Easter everyone! Tonight I'm off for a weekend with family, including Kylie the Kitty vs. Tule the Wacky Lab again...we'll see how that works, since last time it didn't work out too well at all...wish us luck!
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