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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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on unique names
australia, ocean
If you haven't noticed already, Britta isn't that common a name at least around where I live. Although I've met many online in the past 10 years of owning britta.com, I still have yet to meet another Britta in person. You can read my "Brittas of the World Unite" webpage for how common or not it is in other countries. My parents told me that with such a common Scandinavian last name, they thought I needed something a little bit different not to be lost in the shuffle. Even though my name is still butchered constantly, and I still can never find premade items like Soarin' Over California pilot wings with my name on them, I like having a unique name.

So, when I found this NY Times article today, I had to laugh, especially the comments from one of my faves, Penn Jillette:

Mr. Jillette, for example, managed to satisfy a number of interests and objectives when he and his wife, Emily, gave their daughter her highly individual name.

"You're likely to be the only one in any normal-size group with that name," Mr. Jillette said by e-mail, adding, " 'Moxie' is a name that was created by an American for the first national soft drink and then went on to mean 'chutzpah,' and that's nice."

Besides, Moxie CrimeFighter fits right into the creative world.

"Everyone I know with an unusual name loves it," he wrote. "It's only the losers named Dave that think having an unusual name is bad, and who cares what they think. They're named Dave."

Sorry to any Daves out there! haha...and personally I like Moxie better than Apple or Pilot Inspektor... ;) I always really liked the sound & feel of the name Jadzia...maybe by the time I ever have a daughter, Deep Space Nine will be long enough gone from the cultural memory I could get away with it!

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speaking as someone who has a fairly uncommon name in north america and a fairly common name in ireland (though actually, not really, as it's usually spelt differently than the way i spell mine), that article was terrific! :-D

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