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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Brightness at Brittahytta!
australia, ocean
Yes, more changes at my house, especially lighting! :)

I had done a lot of searching online & in local lighting stores for a chandelier for above my dining table that would be better than this ugly plain white thing was, even after I spruced it up with a kitchen curtain, but I really liked this clearance one from LampsPlus.com, plus it was short enough but wide enough to fit my space. I did measure, even making a Photoshop approximation of how it would look above my table, so I went ahead & ordered it. I just got it on Monday, and the finish was much brighter brown than the online image was, so Tuesday evening in the dark out on my patio, I dusted it with a light coat of flat black spray paint, then put it up. Luckily that fixture is on a separate circuit than my other kitchen lights so I wasn't just using a flashlight. ;) Of course I had forgotten I needed to buy bulbs, so I couldn't take a proper photo until Wednesday night after I bought all 9 bulbs for it...but since this is already on a dimmer switch, once I got the bulbs in & saw how BRIGHT all 9 bulbs is - perfect for sewing & projects! - when I dimmed them, it looks just like real candles...hooray! :D

New dining chandelier!

I had also been thinking my front door sconce was too small & up too high for the space, but I hadn't found anything that I liked, but I also hadn't done thorough searching yet. When I was buying the bulbs for the chandelier at OSH, lo & behold there was the perfect lantern sconce! Larger but not too big, with some style, especially the curly bit on the top bracket, but not overly fancy for my plain mid-century house, and the bonus of the bottom being open for easy bulb changing and it can take a 100W bulb! Last night I got back too late, but tonight I was hoping that circuit might be separate from the plugs so I could use a floor lamp to see, but by the time I found the correct circuit that also shut off the TV & all the computers which I'd rather not shut off again later, I decided just to go ahead with my flashlight, standing on a chair out front still in my skirt & heels since I hadn't changed clothes...hehe! It's up, all is well, and I really like it!

New entry sconce!

I also brought back an extra fridge and a bookcase from my parents' neighbor who is moving. The fridge was planned, since it will be my "party fridge" and I had agreed to pay him $50 for it, but he said he had other stuff, and I have been looking for a nicer & larger bookcase to hold music by my piano. Since this bookcase he had was very nice even with a light, but the bottom back corner had broken off, he was offering it to me for free. Since where I put it no one will ever see that corner anyway, no problem! I had been thinking of trying to find something with open shelves on the top with doors at the bottom to hide the loose music sheets, but for free this bookcase is pretty darn perfect! I actually got both the fridge AND the bookcase out of the truck all by myself Sunday night around 11pm after driving back after Easter dinner...woohoo!

"New" bookcase!

So, you can tell this week has been busy, and it's not over yet...Saturday is our recording session for the CD for our big June concert "One is the All." It's in Carmel Valley, a 90 minute drive in no traffic, we have to be there 9:30am, and we're scheduled until 11pm! We'll see how that goes. I have a Costco pack of Ricola, an entire box of Lemon Throat Coat teabags to keep refilling my big thermos, and water with comfy clothes, so hopefully I'll last. This is at the Chateau Julien winery & I'm almost out of their port I bought at Christmas, so if I can run over while we're grabbing lunch & buy another bottle, at least that will be a bright spot in the day no matter how anything else might go! ;) Wish us luck!

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Well done on your domestic endeavors!

Good luck at your winery event. That is a darling winery. I was there last October. The wines were quite tasty. However, since I was there for a wedding, they weren't open for purchases... Someday I'll have to go back and get my taste on.

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