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Star Trek XI

Looks like it's official even though the Paramount press release is still forthcoming. All I have to say is they had better be DAMN careful about messing with my beloved Spock! The Cage/The Menagerie firmly established that Spock served on the Enterprise under Captain Pike for 11 years before Kirk became captain, and the time between The Cage & The Menagerie was 13 years. It sounds like they're going to be fudging canon about the difference in life span between Vulcans & humans, since during TOS Spock is supposed to be in his 50-60s actual years, which equates to human mid-30s for age appearance, but he was still supposed to have attended the Academy in his early 20s. Kirk was actually mid-30s in TOS, attending the Academy in his early 20s as well, which doesn't mesh for them attending the Academy together. They'll probably claim like they did on Enterprise that it doesn't strictly violate canon, even though it messes with what most die-hard fans have lived with for 40 years now...hrmph...As long as they're creative about it, they could still meet at the Academy and serve on a mission together without pissing off fans and be a good movie, but they'd better be careful. ;)

There's a wikipedia entry already here that makes me more nervous:

We'll have to see how this shakes out...they'd also better pay close attention to the casting! I have no idea who the heck today could play a young Spock let alone a young Kirk...hmm...
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