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australia, ocean

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flowerpot cupcakes
australia, ocean
This is just a variation on a theme most have seen at least somewhere before = fudge frosted devils-food cupcakes with crushed chocolate cookies sprinkled on top as soil...but for kids you put in gummy worms. ;) I thought of this for a spring BBQ this weekend, then tomorrow is a co-worker's birthday who doesn't want a big deal made of her day, so I thought I could use tonight as a test run. I actually had enough clean never-used pots - 6 clay & 6 plastic - from the never-made mandrake seedlings using this same technique, adding peanut butter clay to make the baby mandrakes, that I was hoping to make for both Year Five and Year Six at Hogwarts.

Flowerpot cupcake with rock jellybeans and fresh mint sprig from my garden

Since the pot is taller than the cupcake, it's sitting on 2 sandwich cookies. I'm concerned the mint will wilt if I let them sit assembled overnight, so I'll bring the mint sprigs in water to work with me, then assemble them when I get there. If I find enough ribbon, I might tie a bow around each pot, but we'll see. I will at least be making a special tag with a bow for the birthday girl. :)

I'm not satisfied with how the cupcake papers don't exactly fit inside these pots. Since these are already frosted with the "soil" & "rocks" in place, I won't be modifying these, but I think I will go ahead & frost over the liner edge to the pot edge for this weekend, but still baking them in the papers for easier eating. We'll see how that works. I'm also going to see if I can find more of the smaller pots that fit the cupcakes exactly if they're not too expensive for 24-36 of them. One of the recipes I saw had all clay pots so you could bake the cupcakes directly in the pots, but you'd need a spoon to eat those, which isn't the easiest party food. ;)

Now to clean up the kitchen mess...

UPDATE: Here are the finished dozen pots in my cube at work!

Finished Flowerpot Cupcakes

The birthday girl loves hers, so success! :)

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so cute!

love the flowerpot cupcakes--they came out perfect!


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