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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Roomba tales!
australia, ocean
I had to download Flash 8 to watch this, but I thought it was worth it...very clever video of what their Roomba vacuum does all day while the humans are gone...you can guess the 80s song used as the soundtrack already... ;)

(via the MAKE blog feed on Yahoo)

Rani Roomba's Adventures in New York City

Also having in the past seen the costumes people have made to dress up their Roombas, and the tales of cats vs. Roombas, I'm getting tempted to get one myself...! I'm horrible about getting out my bulky vacuum anyway...maybe this would be a useful AND entertaining investment... ;)

Happy Friday!

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How funny...I was reading Jenna Fischer's MySpace blog earlier today and she mentions having just gotten a Roomba!

I almost want to get one for the sheer joy of watching my cats' reaction to it!

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