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more gardening progress at Brittahytta

First, a sort-of garden-related bit...the flowerpot cupcakes v2, with edible pots! The pots are essentially shortbread dough, with just enough Ghirardelli chocolate powder & red food coloring for a terracotta pot look. I packed the dough into non-stick muffin tins for the shells, baked them slightly by themselves, then added the devils food cake batter to finish the baking altogether. Aside from the mint wilting in the hot car on the way to the party, these turned out quite yummy and cute enough, especially when arriving in a real potting tray... :)

Now onto the real garden work...

Lawn Lessons Learned

Due to lack of being home in daylight hours lately when it happened not to be overly soggy, which was rare in the first place, I wasn't able to mow my front lawn in about a month, making the usual 20-minute push mower job stretch to an hour-long workout last weekend! Unfortunately the back grass, which is really just weeds so they grow even faster, didn't get mowed the last time I mowed the front, so my push mower could definitely not hack the knee-high mess back there! Ugh! This weekend I bought a cheap electric $20 Black & Decker weed whacker/edger, which is slow-going to hack down that mess, but I shouldn't need a more expensive model for the long term. After more than an hour of the whacker, I barely got that mess down to where the push mower could tackle it, and by then my arms were so tired since I also pulled over 8 buckets of weeds in the hot sun (we went straight from constant rain to full summer already?!?), I didn't have much push left for the be continued!

New Arbor

On a brighter note, I found a white wooden arbor kit I really liked at BigLots, bonus that it was on sale for only $60, so I assembled that Sunday afternoon just inside my side gate. This is where the grapes will go, plus some potato vine for year-round foliage when the grapes go dormant in the winter. I think the white and the squarish lines go well enough with the house shape and style more than an archway version.

Crushing Concrete & Crushing Heads!

I had planned to buy my own sledgehammer, but luckily Robin was kind enough to lend me hers, so Sunday also marked the beginning of concrete demolition, beginning with the pathway between the patio & the fence so I can get some vines planted for more fence privacy. I made a few hits alone by myself, then decided I should tackle the grass instead, so until Cyd came over in the evening, I hadn't gotten very far. Cyd however is the concrete-crushing queen! As I kept whacking the weeds, she got a whole lot smashed of the walkway, but then I had to do some at least. Being the silly documentarian I am, I insisted on photos of both of us, proving we were really the concrete-crushing chicas... ;) When it was getting dark, we packed it in for a couple fresh mojitos and first-season Kids in the Hall on DVD. Thanks for the help Cyd! Obviously there is plenty more to be demolished before I can plant my vines along the fence yet, but within a weekend or two more I think it'll be cleared. I would like to put in brick I think, or at least larger pavers, but I haven't drawn out a plan yet to know how much I need to buy.

I hadn't realized how sore I was today from all this yard work until I'd be sitting at my desk working for so long, then got up to walk somewhere...hoo boy! At least my muscles are getting decent workouts this way! :)
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