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australia, ocean

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WOMBAT grades revisited
australia, ocean
Well, maybe I should be okay about my Acceptable grade that I tossed off in a quick run-through of the WOMBAT test on www.jkrowling.com...here is Jo's own explanation from her website:

"I wrote the examination, determined the marking scheme (which was quite complicated) and set the Grade levels, so you can take it from me, as the sole examiner, that if you received 'Acceptable' or higher you really earned your grade."

It still doesn't quite put my inner Hermione to rest, though...

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Inner Hermione. Hee hee!

- Robin

And my inner Hermoine still kicked your's butt with my EE :p

Be careful...remember what happened to Draco! ;) I think my inner Hermione could take yours in a real butt-kicking any day...bwahahaha...

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